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Changing the world
one mind at a time
Today, I give thanks for all my geek loves 
23rd-Nov-2006 12:37 pm
alan rickman
An amusing webcomic on Marvel's bloody stupid Civil War. (EDIT: fixed the link, since it was going to the new comic)

And from metaquotes....

In scans_daily, daniel_olsen makes a very fitting simile for the modern America:

The thing is that the US is a country. A country like any other. Just rather large and cumbersome and manages to eat up a large sum of the world. Kind of like a Snorlax in Pokémon terms.

Plans for today (since I ended up not having to work after all...worked last night and had the absolute joy of getting the silent treatment from Curt. Well, His Majesty the Queen can sit and wiggle. He's pissed I caught him in 2 or 3 different lies and he wound up in hot water with Karole [store manager] and John [zone manager]. Not to mention he got a warning about harrassing me with all his talk of what explicit act he wants to perform on a few of our customers. Don't piss off the striga.) include eating a Banquet Hearty Meal with turkey, stuffing, and mashed taters. The dogs can have the peas. Maybe I'll go see a movie, or maybe I'll just order Domino's and play CoX all day. Or go rent a movie, since Thanksgiving TV sucks.
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