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Changing the world
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ER: Life on the wild side 
26th-Apr-2002 04:22 am
Well, since my hearing been going out for about ten day due to an ear infection, I finally got off my lazy ass and went to the OSU ER.
Well, they got my in really quick, probably due to me being able to take advantage of the ENT room. They looked into my ears and discovered that my canals were clogged with wax. YAY!
So, after I'd been sitting there for an hour (there was a clock in the room), they came in and poured this crap down my ears to loosen up the stuff. The resident came in and looked again, and still couldn't see shit, but after she did so, the nurse came in and irrigated them. He seemed quite impressed with the size of the stuff that came out when he squirted the stuff down my ear with the economy syringe from hell.
Well, finally, he got all the crap out. So then the Doctor came in, looked at my eardrum and said, "Wow! That's an infection! Do you mind if I let some of my residents see it?" At this point, I'm covered in water, feel like crap, and just want a cigarette, so I say, "Sure."
Well, after all that, they give me a nice dose of antibiotics, and tell me that I need to clean my ears with alcohol and vinegar every few days.
Then, as I walked home after 4 hours in the hospital, I notice that some idiotic student org (I think it's Greek Life) has chalked all the sidewalk with "Why are you here?". On the bright side, some person has already goe through and hit some of them with the clever retort "get laid." This saves me from trying to hit the thousand chalkings with a big boog of Plato to critisize the idiocy of the question.
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