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Changing the world
one mind at a time
Damn issues 
29th-Apr-2002 02:01 am
I'm having issues today.

I got called in to work, and Eddie stood me up for our lovely chance to enjoy Jason X courtesy of me outselling everyone in the market on the damned Spinich Alfredo pizza.

And why couldn't they have given me a raise instead of movie passes?

Oh, and the kicker is we were $250+ short last night. I was on register for about 2 hours. I somehow don't think I'm the thief. I don't think I'm about to get fired from my job, particularly with my aniversary coming up. Usually, when you come up that short, someone didn't close out the credit card or BuckID machiene. Not that they've accused me, but dman it, the till was in my code from 10-midnight. That means they can pretty much blame me, even though proper proceedure was not followed. I have yet to steal money from any job I have ever worked. And I know, the lady doth protest to much, but damn it, I grew up with a guilt complex. Now I feel guilty for things I am not responsible for. Did you know that the middle east is my fault?

Like I said, shit's been fucked up around here tonite.
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