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Changing the world
one mind at a time
The joys of Puppy Lust 
2nd-May-2002 01:27 am
Ok, there's this guy at work I've had like a mojor crush on for like the last month. Just randomly started one day when he hugged me out of the blue. You know, he's straight but he and I flirt a lot. Well, tinute, out of nowhere, we're slapping dough and talking and he startes doing Romeo's soliloquy from the balcony, and I respond with Juliet's answering speech. We ended up doing most of the Shakespeare we had in commen while making pizzas. It was just so odd, I decided to post it.

stewicked and I cast Beltaine this evening, and once again proved that Circle can be fun. Of course, any other pagan/wiccan probably would have walked out in the middle when we cast for better sex among the gods, but hey....
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