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Changing the world
one mind at a time
To all of the people I owe replies too... 
6th-May-2002 03:32 pm
I owe replies to more than a few people on here, as well as needing to finish up some other business.

However, I spent most of last night being distracted. I went to work at 5:45, and stewicked called me at 8:40 to inform me that someone had broken in to the house. Now, for a burglary, it was odd as hell. The electronics went untouched, but they stole stuff that belonged to a former roommate that I guess was going to get sold to make back the money she owed. We had the locks changed after she moved, since said roommate had a bad tendancy to show up when we least expected her. Ironic, considering she lives in Pittsburgh. However, she shows up here at random intervals just to piss us off, I guess. I'm sure some of you long time readers of this forum have heard me bitch about her before.

Anyway, I now know that burglary is different from car theft. See, my old truck got broken into three times. Yes, I was pissed, yes it scared me, but it was also my car. Whne my apartment got robbed, I suddenly realized that I'm not sure how safe I feel living here anymore. Particularly when I realize that more than likely that I was probably being watched when I left for work. That doesn't do much for my security paranoia.
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