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Changing the world
one mind at a time
How is it that one beer with the guys after work truns into 3-4? 
24th-Feb-2007 02:03 am
I'm mildly drunk ATM, so I will respond to comments tomorrow morning that I got tonight.

And may I add I really hate it when one person comes in and ruins my good humour.

Stupid woman interuppting my cig break: Do you have a bathroom?

Me: *points to the big "No Public restroom sign"* No.

SW: so you don't have a bathroom.

Me: No.

Sw: Are you sure you don't have a baathroom?

Me: we don't have a bathroom.

SW: do you have a phone book?

Me: *runs back and grabs a phone book*

SW: Look up Karl Kelson for me.

Me *stupid look* How do you spell the last name.

SW: *uber bitchy tone* What? You can't spell?

Me: What was the last name?

SW: Kelson.

Me: C-e-l or K-e-l?

SW: C-E-L. *glares*

Me: *looks* I'm sorry, he's not listed in the phone book.

SW: What do you mean?

Me: His name and number is not in the phone book.

SW: *storm out, throw McD's cup at the front door.*

Yep, she was a winner.
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