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Changing the world
one mind at a time
Today (yeah really original) 
7th-May-2002 03:56 am
Well, theroetically, yesterday now...

Hmm, went to lunch at Wendy's with mom . I love my mother dearly, but the woman knows just how to drive the knife in somedays. I was having such a pleasant conversation about her childhood, and she out of nowhere brings up that my brother has quit smoking. Go Rich. Rah rah rah. *rolls eyes while making jerking motion* No offense towards my brother, and congrats to him, but I'm sick of it. I know mom's happy 'cause I'm here and making sometihing out of my life, but I'm so sick of hearing about my brother's good life. Mine sucks some days. I'm human. My brother and I have never been all that close to begin with. I swear, the only thing we have in common anymore is Star Wars. I guess I still haven't forgiven him for all the shit he caused in high school. You know, I never ran to mom with all of his sexual escapades...he walks in on me with one guy, and you'd think the world has ended.

Enough about Richard. There are few things I still feel bitter about, and he is one of them.

Well, work was dull, and I came home and caught 6 feet Under, since I managed to miss it last night. Then as I was flipping through channels, I ran across Edge Of 17, one of those gay coming of age stories my old rooommate used to bitch about watching. I bring home people dying at the edge of a chainsaw, he loved it. I bring home a tender gay love story, he calls me a fag. I never said a word about his hentai collection.

Anyway, I'm off to bed. I have to go vote today, and I have a few other things to accomplish.
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