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Changing the world
one mind at a time
Yet another long post... 
9th-May-2002 12:45 am
Well, May 18th, I have to go to that bastion of conservative Xtianity, Cincinnati, for the wedding of my cousin. Yay.

Let me tell you about my family. While not quite as exciting as the fun in inhibitions (who have added me to their friends list, and are still cheaper entertainment than cable), my family is a soap opera waiting for me to get a talking Timmy doll.

Ria is getting married to Ky white trash. This pisses off my uncle the asshole, not only because he isn't rich, but because she has already had the guy's baby. Prior to this, he hated her for listening to "nigger music". (Yes, to save time, my uncle is Archie Bunker.) Let's focus in on Paul for a minute. Paul once told me that I was gay because my mom coddled to much growing up. He has also bitched about my weight, bitched about my hair, and called me a faggot. HE refers to my sis-in-law as a "kike". All of this while swilling turpentine. May he rot in hell while his body is devoured by worms in an unmarked grave.
Paul and Margaret had 2 kids, Lois and John. Lois died, but not before bring 8 kids into the world. (Mary A., the third oldest is getting married in June. I can't wait to go to St. Louis for that.) Lois also drove all the kids with an iron whip. All 8 of them had to be the very best at whatever. And the sad part is that whenever I talked to them, all they wanted to do was be kids.
John had 3 kids, Ria, Jacob, and Daniel. Let's see, Ria's a "wigga bitch", Jacob's a Juvie (already in reform school), and Daniel is actually a sweet kid (I swear that John, who acts more and more like Paul ain't Daniel's daddy). So, I get to go to this wedding, filled with family who constantly refer to me as a fag, and put on a happy face about it. Even worse than the fag bashing is the "Well, we know lots of gay people" attitude I get from Vicki, my 2nd Cousin, who's tolerence is only skin deep.
Now, Memorial Day (US Mem day for those of you in Canada, the Phillipeans, or elsewhere), my half brother and I are getting together with mom to go through my father's books.My dad's side of the family is all nuts. I can't wait to hear about Chuck's adventures in North Carolina. Or Bill's adventures with celibacy.
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