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Changing the world
one mind at a time
Someting I wrote 
10th-May-2002 06:15 am
I'm not giving anyone the title to this.

Once upon a time, a man lived alone in a spacious cabin by a lake in
the wood. He had lived alone since moving out of his father's house
shunning the attentions of all the beautiful men and women who paid
homage to him when he entered the villiage. He was known as the
storyteller, since all who came to visit him were regaled with the
stories he could tell. Since we should give him a name, let us call
him Henry.
Henry was a proud man, proud that he had lived his life without
needing anyone. And yet, each passing day, he noticed an emptiness in
his day to day life. He noticed it less when the villiagers gathered
by his fire to hear his tales, but when they left, the emptiness
returned. He finally realized that all he wanted was a lover.
Having reached that conclusion, he tried to woo some of the
villiagers who sat by his fire each night, but to no avail. They
loved his stories yes, but when he tried to charm them, it all came
out wrong, since his social graces weren't very good.
So finally, one day Henry sat down with a quill pen and a bottle of
ink and began to write of his fantasy lover. He wrote first of a
woman, filled with love and an ability to cook, clean, and keep a
house tidy, and then of a man, strong as an ox, able to chop the
wood, tend the fire, and do the manly things Henry could never do
properly. And then, with his quill his paintbrush and word as his
paint, he described a man with hair the color of gold, defined
muscles popping out all over his body, and eyes as green as the lake
he lived by. And for personality, he chose feminine qualities,
loving, tending, comforting. Henry laughed at his creation, aware
that such a person could never exist. He pulled a bottle of the
finest Scotch from the cabinet and drank it all down.
In alcohol truth can be found, as Henry believed. Drunk as a lord, he
took his perfect mate and threw the page onto the lake water
screaming, "Aphrodite, goddess of love, from foam you were born, and
love is your station, make this page into my creation!" He puked the
alcohol out of his system to complete his rite, and crawled back into
the cabin to sleep.
The next day, his head pounding like the hammer hitting Hephastus's
forge, Henry went down to the lake to bathe. The sun was rising as he
hit the beach, and there, before his eyes, a man with flowing locks
of golden hair and eyes the color of the lake in morning rose from
beneath the waters.
The creature spoke. "As you have wished, Aphrodite has breathed life
into your creation. I am all that you desire, and I am yours if you
will have me."
Henry, taken aback that his drunken ritual had worked, immedietly
tore off his clothes and went into the water to make love to the
creature he had made.
At first, life with William was great. William was all that Henry had
desired, but by the same token, there was no challenge to it. Even
the sex that had been furtive and filled with heartfelt longing at
the outset had become rote and routine. Henry's creation wouldn't
allow Henry to do anything around the house. Henry soon started
spending more aqnd more time inn the villiage tavern at night to stay
away from William.
It was on one of Henry's little expeditions that he met Lawrence.
Lawrence was everything that William could never be. He challenged
Henry's every move, forcing Henry to be more than a lump. Every
night, Henry and Lawrence would meet at the tavern and make love for
hours while William was forced to stay home, worrying about his
lover, his creator.
One night, William decided to follow Henry secretly. He watched as
Henry and Lawrence drank honey mead and then proceeded to one of the
upstairs rooms of the tavern. He listened outside the door at the
sounds from within. It was then that William learned of jealousy.
Unable to deal with this new emotion, he walked back to the cabin
abnd prayed to Aphrodite, who had made the words flesh. As he prayed,
she filled his mind with a plan.
The next supper, William put a bit of potion in the dinner wine,
causing Henry to sleep after he finished eating. William then dressed
himself in Henry's clothes and went to the tavern in his stead. As he
entered, he pulled a cloak over his head so that his face could not
be seen. Lawrence soon joined him. Lawrence, thinking this to be a
new game by Henry soon led William up to the rooms above the tavern.
Well, back at the cabin, Henry awoke. There was no sign of William,
so he headed discreetly to the tavern for his clandestine rendezvous.
When he arrived, there was no sign of Lawrence, so he asked the
rather confused bartender where Lawrence was. The bartender exclaieed
that Lawrence had gone upstairs an hour ago with Henry, didn't he
Henry raced up the stairs, throwing open the door on his creation and
his secret lover, who were copulating.
"How dare you both!" Henry raged.
"How dare you, creator," William said, flinging Lawrence off the top
of him. "You create me as lover and then use him to fulfill the needs
you wanted me for."
Lawrence added from the wall he was down lying against, "If I had
known you were being unfaithful to another, I never would have been
with you."
Henry was overcome with grief when he realized what he had
done. "Aphrodite," Henry screamed at the ceiling, "I love both men,
but I am only one's keeper! How may I resolve this?"
"In love with two men?" A delicate femine voice responded from the
very air around them. "And are they in love with you and each other
as well?"
"Aye," Lawrence replied.
"Maybe," William conceeded.
"Then there is but one solution," the goddess's voice said. "All
three of you are bound for now and all time. In each life you will
replay this drama until you find out once and for all who the true
pair is."
I wish I could say the threesome lived happily ever after, but
jealousy reared its ugly head three years into the arrangement, and
all three died in an attempt to kill one of the others. To my
knowledge, the drama is still replayed forever on, as love weaves
tangled webs.
10th-May-2002 09:25 am (UTC)
Somebodys hoooooorny
10th-May-2002 11:13 am (UTC) - Re:
not really....just inspired.
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