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Changing the world
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Dark Ride, one of the 8 Films to Die For... 
29th-Mar-2007 05:24 am
I really wish I'd have known the 8FTDF came out on DVD finally. Ended up renting Dark Ride since it had the premise that grabbed my attention the most. Although after watching the trailers for the other 7, I may have to go get the Zombie children Miners tomorrow night.

Any rate, this one was actually fairly good, and I give you The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

The Good:

Decent pacing, moderate gore.

The Donnie Darko reference. (Or the story DD also referenced.)

More than a few of the shots reminded me of the original Halloween.

The Bad

I spotted the plot twist about the same time the prologue ended.

For a movie set in one of the old fashioned "car goes through the haunted house" rides, there were no tracks for the car to follow. (Yes, they mention the tracks, but they really aren't there. For that matter, the cars never really show up in the movie after the beginning.)

With one exception (and another in the deleted scenes), the bodies don't get discovered, thus depriving us of watching the characters reactions to finding their friends' dead bodies.

The Ugly

Jamie-Lynn Sigler's scream face.

Final Analysis

Not the world's most original plot or set up. But it ended up being better than most.
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