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Changing the world
one mind at a time
15th-May-2007 06:05 pm
Ok, a few things.

My schedule changed again, thanks to Old racist Warren quitting on 2 days notice. Now I get tuesday and Wednesday off, and am back to opening sunday and Monday. Good, because I get mo' overtime. Bad, because it means I have to be up around 6 Am on Mondays again.

Going to Lebanon tonight to help a friend with his haunted house painting. (It doesn't open until Halloween, but he's trying to get intricate designs done.)

Also, a few random thoughts after spending a lot of time wandering the stacks at the library...

1) Why do Fantasy Heroines all look like Tawnie Kitane in Whitesnake's "Here I Go Again" video? I know most of my het friends rubbed more than a few out to her, and G-d alone knows she had more coochie-coochie than Charo...but still... could be worse, at least the obsession with Julie Strain seems to be abating.

2) Speaking of fantasy novel covers, why do all male heroes sport Joe Dirt mullets? For that matter, why are any secondary magician male characters portrayed as either buffer than Guv Swarzenegger or look a lot like Clay Akin-for-some-cock?

3) While I'll admit to being hooked on a few, what's up with the trend of publishing "Supernatural Detective" novels? and why di they all eventually decend into porn? Laurell K. Hamilton is the worst of the latter, but the Hollows series by Kim Harrison is getting there. I mean, Rachel had a 5 page sex scene with Kisten, right after about 3 pages of lesbian foreplay with Ivy. She does, however, still manage to keep a plot going between the sex scenes.

4) I wish Tanya Huff would get more erotic in the Smoke series to counterbalance all the females getting vampire sex.

Ugh, need to put the now soaking laundry in the dryer of DOOM!
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17th-May-2007 08:27 pm (UTC)
I tried very hard to get into Merry Gentry...Problem I had was it felt like she was so busy writing sex that the plot was getting resolved in 2 pages.

Used to be much better.:)
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