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Changing the world
one mind at a time
X-posted to booktards 
15th-Jul-2007 02:00 am
So, I finished re-reading The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower at work tonight.

I still don't like the very ending, but it didn't piss me off as much as it did the first time. But, reareading the series (Except Wizard and Glass) really was interesting. Mind you, I had to look up the concordance to figure out a few references (I still can't figure out what the Connecticut story was)...That and I really should re-read a few books that are part of the mythos, mainly because I missed stuff.

Anyway, I also caught a few outside references I missed the last time. Like Stuttering Bill, the robot in Empathica (also the nickname of the main character in It), and a reference to a robotic "House Elf" named Dobby. (Bad enough he had exploding sneetches in the last 3 books. Wonder if J K Rowling sued, or if she just enjoyed the publicity.)

Actually, the funny part is realizing how similar the hype is between The Dark Tower and Harry Potter. Both are 7 book series, both have faced endless speculation on how they would end...(I recall a lot of folks being convinced Roland would meet Steven King in the top room of the tower. Much like people predicting Harry's death or loss of power in Deathly Hallows.) Chances are, the speculation for Hallows is just as far off as it was for The Dark tower.
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