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Changing the world
one mind at a time
What a f***ing wekend. 
19th-May-2002 04:41 pm
Ok, where to start this.

As you all know by reading this journal, I went to a wedding yesterday.

I was tlod to be at the bus station an hour early (aka 6:30 AM) to catch the bus to Cincy. Well, I got there at 6:10 AM and waited for a long time. What happened was that They needed to inspect all bags going on the bus and use a metal detecting wand on all of us. This was fun, particularly when I had to give book synopseis to the guy in charge of this. Well, the bus we were to leave on pulled in at 7:10, and was overcrouded. So, they told all of us not going to Dayton (the layover) to wait and another bus would come to take us to Cincy and points south in a few minutes. Well, a few minutes turned into an hour and a half, and I had to call my roomies to have them call my uncle to let him know what the hell was going on. Well, I ended up sitting around talking in the station with this guy (Chris H.) from Nashville during the wait. Well, when the bus finally was ready, we ended up sitting together. Now, admittedly, I slept most of the way to Cincy, but Chris and I did end up joining whatever you call the mile-high club for buses. (the 55 mile an hour club, maybe?) I have his number and an invite to go with him to Washington state, but I don't see that happening.
Well, I get to Cincy about a half hour late, and no one is waiting for me. So I change clothes and call the roomie again to tell them I'm here and have them call my uncle again. I watch the clock tick off hours, and at 1:10, I get paged. Seems my mom called and left directions for a cab to get me to the wedding and I missed them entirely, since the bus people didn't know about the later bus I was on. So, I missed the actual wedding. My uncle came, and he gave me a scenic tour of the city on the way to the reception. It was kind of nice actually. As long as the topic is architecture and history, we get along.
Well the recption was nice, even if the first dance after the traditional dances was "The Electric Slide". Ria was beautiful, and my cousins were all very polite if not downright friendly to me.
So, after all the normal shit that goes on in receptions (and no, I didn't even try for the garter), mom and I head home, making a quick stop for me to get measured for my tux in the August wedding.
Well, mom and I had dinner at the jazz bar that just opened in Urbana. Lot of fun actuallly. They have a blackend catfish dinner that is beyond excellent.
So we go back to her house, and I sleep from 8PM to 12:30Pm today. I help mom get her groceries taken care of, and then she took me to lunch at the new authentic Mexican resterant in town. Good food, cute Mexican waiters. (funny story...I was jokingly flirting with a waiter, and he ended up following me to the bathroom. Nothing happened, but I do need to stop doing shit like that.)
So, now I'm home, and I have to be at work in an hour.
I'm back, wlll catch up with everyone later.
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