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Changing the world
one mind at a time
18th-Aug-2007 02:11 am
Ugh, finished it. Be warned, the entire essay was about 8 pages long in Word. As I mentioned, there are a few people who might read this who are part of the story. I ended up giving them psuedonyms, namely 70's divas/divos. Speaking of, I wrote most of this without my notes from that period. My accuracy may be off. And I invite you to share a part of the story I may not have known, or a version of the story you remember differently from me.

It has been quite theraputic to write all this shit out. The pain's still there, but lessened perhaps by expressing it. And yes, I know exactly how fucking EMO that sounds. Don't worry kids, I have the knives dulled and hidden.

I’ll start this with a recap of what had gone before. My time with Evil Kris has been told and retold to death. After Kris left me, I moved in with Eddie. Which was ok, it just limited my social contacts, since I was living in Kettering and working in Fairborn. Things were going ok, my friend Josh and I managed to get a lease at Maple View, an apartment complex in Fairborn. It was my first real apartment, and I was so happy to have a place to call home.

I was on hiatus from the old circle, but as I recall, Samhaine was the last hurrah of that incarnation anyway.

I was driving for Donato’s Fairborn and actually keeping ahead on my bills.

That’s pretty much my life post Kris in a nutshell.

So let’s move on to moving in with Josh..

I think our official move in date was August 19 of 1999, into one of the older sections on Loretta. I moved in first, mainly because Josh was living off Rockdell with Herb and Stacy at the time. Herb and Stacy got engaged the previous Xmas, so that’s how I wound up with Josh.

At first it was good. I didn’t have any furniture beyond the brown couch from hell, but we were making ends meet fairly well. I had full time status, and was making decent tips on days.

Then it started. Cherry, My red 1992 Plymouth Lazer’s brakes died. When I took her in to get fixed, I was informed that all four brakes were bad, and the rear brakes alone were $500 to repair. Overall I was looking at a $1500 repair bill for all new brakes and a new joint who’s name I don’t recall.

Anyway, this of course meant I couldn’t drive pizzas around. Which cut my income by about 2/3’s, and had the added bonus of making getting to and from work impossible. Which lead to hour reductions, further decreasing my income.

All of this lead to getting behind on all the bills. Rent, Electric, Cable, etc. This is the curse of the delivery driver. All it takes is one bad thing to happen to your vehicle and you get fucked. And since I didn’t have cash reserves to get a new one right off the bat, it just snowballed. Think I wound up going around 5 months without a car. In the meantime, Karen (the manager at the time) started hiring in new employees with no experience for a quarter more an hour than I was making after 3+ years with the company. Her 1st assistant , Paul, couldn’t quit toking up at work, and he was fucking useless. Karen herself would lock herself up in the office and drink herself into oblivion. John, the Assistant Manager, was about the only one worth a damn, since the shift manager, Shannon, was a fucking moron. Hell, I was doing most of the management shit without the pay. And I was told if I got a car I could go back to driving, or I’d get bumped up to shift manager.

I know Josh was pissed that I was getting so far behind, but there wasn’t a hell of a lot I could do. In retrospect, I should have just swallowed my pride and tried to get on someplace within walking distance, but for me at least, it takes a great leap of faith to quit one job and a guaranteed paycheck to pursue something better. Plus, I believed Karen. Which was a huge mistake.

Now, beyond work a lot of other drama was cropping up, and here come the pseudonyms. I worked with Gloria at Donato’s. I had lived with Gloria for a little over a year prior to moving in with Evil Kris. I in fact, got her the job at Donato’s. Gloria and I had both been involved in the same coven that I parted ways with after Evil Kris and I started living together. Which, yeah, it happens. It was just I still felt close with more than a few members at the time, and I felt I owed Gloria for some of the stuff she was doing for me at the time. Like rides to and from work. The problems arising in that arena, I heard about second hand. It seems Kiki Dee, who had been hosting the circle gatherings, decided to cut off the gatherings after Samhaine. Gloria was worried about this.

A few words here about Gloria. At the time, she was a very close friend. Much later, I found out a few things that really reduced my level of trust in her. To fully understand Gloria, you must keep in mind she has a severe aversion to change. That and when cornered, she fights like a Scorpio.

Anyway, Gloria was worried about Kiki Dee for a few reasons. As I recall (mind you, my notes from this period are buried in mom’s garage. And I didn’t have an LJ back then. Therefore I‘m going off old memories.) Kiki Dee had kicked Gloria out of her home a few years earlier. I never did find out what inspired that, the only thing that had really effected me in the entire thing was Kiki Dee had stopped talking to me as well during that period. I think to some extent, I was seen as an extension of Gloria among some folks. Which was partially true, but by the same token, I was being used by her as much as anyone else. I also do and did have a mind of my own. But that’s neither here nor there.

I was discussing Gloria’s worries. First and foremost, I know she felt she was losing her best friend. She was also losing access to a shower and cleanliness. I know she was also concerned Kiki Dee was going to move in with Cher down in Arizona. (To this day, I still haven’t quite figured out what the hell was going on the first time Kiki Dee was going to move down there. I know both Gloria and Julio, who rarely agreed on anything, were dead set against it.) Which, to be honest, was a logical conclusion from what I knew about the situation.

Things got very interesting around New Year’s when Gloria and I went to Bette’s after work. This was 2000, and I was fascinated by the coverage of the new year throughout the world. At the time Julio was living with Bette, if I recall. And no one showed up at the party besides the 4 of us and Bette’s 4 kids.

On the way back to Fairborn, Gloria opened up to me that she was sure that she had feelings beyond friendship for Kiki Dee and this was most of the reason she was so upset about things. Whether or not that was true, I can’t say. All I know is I took it at face value, and approached conversations with Gloria with that information in mind.

So, this is where most of my life spheres were spinning until about February or March of 2000. Despite the debt from hell I was ignoring, I managed to get a down payment for a car at a buy here-pay here lot. This was mainly due to Mom’s intervention. (Truth be told, I should have used the money to pay the electric bill rather than buy a car. But I thought I’d be driving again and be able to catch up on the bills. Silly me.)

Cash in hand, I talked Gloria into driving me to Middletown to go buy my new car. The one I really wanted had been damaged in the hail storm, so I ended up getting suckered into buying Ford Thunderbird from 86 or 88. But I’m getting a bit ahead of myself here.

On the way to Middletown, we got very lost south of Miamisburg. Which gave Gloria a chance to tell me a whole new tale I didn’t really buy, but which did make me really question how strong her hold on reality was. The tale she told involved a secret meeting with an old adversary of mine and her husband, then meeting with a left-hand coven and the man she’d been pining for since before I met her. The gist of it, as near as I could tell, was something along the lines of Gloria would renounce any and all claims on the Dork (his nickname among the old coven) and stop trying to thwart any plans of theirs they ran across. In exchange, they’d help her keep Kiki Dee in Ohio.

Now, given Gloria was driving and obviously upset, I didn’t call her on it.

Any rate, the entire affair ended up with my buying Phoenix. A late 80's Ford Thunderbird.

Which I promptly ended up showing off to everyone I knew.

It was cool, I drove over to see my friend Cowboy in College Park, where he was living with Indian and Construction Worker. Which is how I met Good Chris, who was gaming with them.

And I asked for driving hours again at work. And got told they needed me more as a cook than a driver. And I asked them to promote me then. You know, pay me for the work I was already doing. I was told I needed a haircut. (I’ll dig up pictures at some point. I used to have hair down to my shoulder blades.) So I got my hair cut. Which made me cry. A lot.

Good Chris and I sort of worked out. He and Josh and I started gaming on a fairly regular basis, which usually involved me cooking dinner for everyone. I ended up introducing him to Gloria, who was a bit put out when he told her in more blunt terms what I’d been telling her about Kiki Dee. Which is to say, Kiki Dee was going to Arizona. That was pretty much set in stone. I did tell her Kiki Dee would be back within a year, mainly because that felt right. But none of it felt like romance.

I still can’t remember how Mike entered the picture. I know someone wanted me to talk to him, I just don’t remember who. Mike was an older bear type who’s lover had just split. I took Gloria down to meet him. Which was a very unique mistake. Mike was convinced an outside force had caused his lover to leave him, which was very similar to Gloria’s belief that an outside force was forcing Kiki Dee to leave. In all honesty, Mike kind of dropped off my radar. In a way, the whole point of introducing him to Gloria was to give her someone else to talk to, since she was beginning to sound like a broken record. No matter what anyone told her, she wasn’t listening. And from what she told me, she had also mentioned this to Charo and Anita, who I assumed were also telling her the same things I was.

Good Chris and I didn’t last very long as a couple, but we did remain friends. Which was cool.

Anyway, there was a night I remember sitting by the back door of Donato’s and telling Gloria in fairly strong terms that nothing was going to change Kiki Dee’s decision. I went home. I don’t remember what all I did that night, probably played video games, but I wound up asleep on the couch. Only to be awaked early the next morning by Bette, who was bitching that Julio got a death threat. On his windshield.

I finally got her to read it to me. The wording was pure Gloria, which slipped out of my mouth before I thought about it. Bette called me later to tell me there was a gathering at her house later that evening to discuss it, since more than a few people had gotten them. I went over, shocked by the number of people who showed up. And to this day, I swear the notes weren’t computer typed. The font was wrong. The sizing was wrong. It looked like the font on my old Smith-Corona Word Processor, which I had abandoned at Gloria’s house when I moved.

The notes themselves were written to look like the left-handed coven I mentioned earlier, like it was aiding them that Kiki Dee was moving, and they’d be coming after the rest of us. Well, not me specifically, or my friend Eddie for that matter. Neither of us got notes on our cars. Any rate, during the course of the meeting, most of what Gloria had been telling me came out, most of which I assumed was common knowledge. Which made an ass out of me eventually, but that’s neither here nor there. That particular set of crap didn’t get resolved until I was living in Columbus.

And Gloria quit talking to me. I had violated her trust, and she denied she was behind any of it.

Time passed. I didn’t get promoted, I didn’t get driving hours. And one very hellacious evening, I ended up working a double because Shannon had to leave early to make a pot deal. And someone else called off, so I ended up stuck there from open until close. And that was when my two weeks went in. I was sick of being treated like shit by Karen and Paul. I was sick of watching people with no experience get hired in at more than I made. I was sick of watching people who’d been with the company less than a year get promotions over me. (As a side note, I think the excuse they were using for their abuse of me was that I bounced a check. Which yeah, was bad, but not to my mind justification for the amount of shit they were pulling.)

So, after putting my notice in, I promptly applied at Pizza Hut. Who hired me on for a quarter less an hour than I was making at Donato’s, but at full time and driving. Which I figured would make up for the wage loss. Donato’s offer to keep me on my last day was so ridiculous I turned Paul down flat. I was ready to move on.

Now, by this time, I still hadn’t managed to get Phoenix’s title from the lot I bought her from. Which meant doing something really bad. I ended up sticking Cherry’s plate onto Phoenix’s backside. I was also really far behind on the DP&L bill. (Dayton Power & Light, for those not from the area.) Turns out hiding the bills under the bed don’t make them go away. (Yes, I know. In my defense, I was under a hell of a lot of stress, and I had stopped thinking rationally a while back. Keep that in mind for most of the rest of this.)

Anyway, I started getting caught up on the bills again for a little while. Not so much the electric, mainly because I really wanted to get my backload with Josh caught up before it came time to get the new lease. I did go down to DP&L to try and get some kind of assistance or payment plan set up, but I was told in the nicest possible way they couldn’t help me because I made too much money. Which I didn’t. I honestly think I got turned down because I wasn’t a minority and I didn’t have kids. I went through this again in Columbus when I was trying to get help getting the gas back. “Oh, a young white man! He doesn’t need help at all!” (Yes I know how it sounds. But I’ve also know people with more income than me to get assistance. The difference being they were white and female. And no, I’m not arguing White Man’s Burden here. I’m merely stating the times in my life when I needed assistance of some kind were met with indifference and apathy.)

Well, a few weeks after I started at the Hut, my friend John from Donato’s called me at work. Seems Gloria’s house had been condemned and all of her animals destroyed by the Humane Society. (Which, believe me, I had a lot of empathy here. Even if I was pissed with her, those animals were her life. Which id why I had earlier volunteered to ferry the litter of puppies one of the dogs had to SICSA for adoption night. Also worked off some karma I felt for abandoning one of the dogs when I was living with her.) My great hope was that the system would help Gloria now that they knew about her.

Not that it mattered. They shut off the electric not long after that. It was off a few days. I think I had to call in a loan from Mom to get it back on. Which sucked. Hardcore.

Ok, anyway. I recall Eddie and I went to go see a movie. I don’t remember which one, but it was a pleasant night out. On my way home, I got pulled over because the red tape I had over the left turn signal was coming off. Which the nice Beavercreek policeman gave me a warning for. However, he couldn’t help me with the warrant for my arrest in Fairborn. Which yeah, I think gave me my first ever ulcer.

I got dragged to Fairborn’s police department and had to go through processing. All of which was over a check written a year prior that I didn’t realize had bounced. Usually, if something bounces, it goes to collections. No, these folks pressed charges. Which was within their rights. I was released on my own recognizance, so I called Good Chris begging for a ride home. Who told me his own story about being mistaken for a drug dealer in Kentucky and arrested.

I don’t think I told Josh about it, or if I did, I used the same story anyone who asked received. “It was a check Evil Kris wrote on my account.” See, I really didn’t want to own up to my mistake, since I was embarrassed by the whole thing, and it was easier then to pass off the blame on someone else.
Well, anyway, I went to court, got a $50 fine, costs, 60 day suspended sentence (Seems a bounced check in Ohio is a 1st degree misdemeanor) and was told to pay the amount of the check off through the Probation department. Which was amusing in a not so funny way, since the guy from the probation department gave me this long speech about how he doesn’t make phone calls, he issues warrants. AKA, I got the hard ass speech, which I shouldn’t have gotten since my only affiliation with probation was paying off the check through them.

So there went more money that could have gone towards bills. But damn it, I paid them off. In the mean time, the officer who had arrested me over the bad check started pulling me over for expired tags. Well, at the time, I couldn’t afford to quit driving, so I sucked up the tickets. Problem was I started being afraid to drive anywhere. Which is how I wound up at Taco Bell.

Basically, I stopped showing up at Pizza Hut. Josh got me on at Taco Bell, which paid more hourly, and even gave me overtime.

Somewhere in here, Cowboy introduced me to Tennille, a very cool girl recently returned from Alaska. She LARPed, smoked, and listened to both Goth and folk music. She also knew Princess Joey, a sort of friend of Josh and mine.

And I just realized something I left out. Before I left Pizza Hut, I called Bette to talk one day. Julio answered, cussed me a new asshole and hung up. It wasn’t until much later I found out what caused that. I also found out from Eddie that Gloria had moved into my apartment complex. Which was a big surprise.

As it turned out, Cowboy, Indian, and Construction Worker also moved into the complex at some point. Which was good. It helped me to better know Indian who I was actually kind of scared of. (Long story short. Before Cowboy and Indian became a couple, there was an evening when Cowboy came over and we talked a very long time about his feelings for Indian. It was kind of clear that Cowboy was in love with Indian, who at the time was assumed to be completely straight. Next time I saw them, they had worked it out and were a couple. I stuck my foot in my mouth. Indian assures me I didn’t do anything wrong, but I know better.)

Crap, I’m still leaving stuff out. When I was at Pizza Hut, the other drivers introduced me to a former employee who happened to be gay. Needless to say, a few things happened, but I still don’t know what I was thinking. There’s nothing like finding out a guy has a hernia when you get down there and think he has 3 balls. Only reason I mention this is that I’m kind of leaving out the man whoring I was doing during this period. Pretty much, if asked, I’d put out. Kind of a passive aggressive suicide attempt really. Hell, I don’t even remember the screen names anymore. I do recall having one guy who fit the scary old pervert profile tie my hands behind my back, clamp my nipples and do a few other things in the basement of the WSU Bio-Sci building bathroom. I also remember this Italian gent who made me promises and disappeared after he got what he wanted.

Somewhere in here, Barbara and her new husband Napoleon moved in 2 doors down. We had a love of fantasy and gaming, and we traded movies on occasion. Problem being Napoleon was a complete psychotic. I didn’t find out how bad until much later. We’ll come back to this happy couple after I left Taco Bell.

Ok, so I’m at Taco Bell. I’m doing ok, I think we lost electric one more time before I left Pizza Hut, but we got it back on. I think I got fairly close to getting the back rent paid off. Well, let’s see. I introduced Josh to Tennille, and they started dating. One of my favorite memories is standing out on the balcony to give them privacy to make out in. I honestly thought they’d work out. Plus, she was a hell of a lot better than white trash Barbie who most of the heteros at Taco Bell wanted. Seriously. Jackie was a skanky ho bag. As it was, she ended up with one of Josh’s good friends after he knocked her up. (Can you tell I didn’t like Jackie? I can’t tell you now what it was that pissed me off so much, but I really, really loathed her. And I warned Josh not to get involved with her.)

Tennille did drag me to Columbus at one point here for Goth night at one of the local Lesbian bars, which is now Skully’s. As I recall, I spent most of the evening across the street at the local S&M shop, trying to avoid buying the electrical toys.

So to skip ahead, New Year’s Eve, Josh and I dragged Tennille to Columbus for the Blue Jackets game vs. the Jersey Devils. (Josh was a Jersey fan.) We rang in the new year with Good Chris at his apartment north of Campus. Followed by gaming, as I recall.

I woke up the next morning to a note from Josh saying I might want to avoid Tennille that day. Seems he decided to break up with her via note in her mailbox not long after we got home. Now, I still love Josh to death, but that really wasn’t one of the better ideas he ever had. Thankfully, Tennille still liked me, and I think she eventually forgave Josh for it. And I got dragged to Columbus later that winter to meet her new boyfriend, Captain. They broke up around early spring. But they got back together in April or May? I don’t remember. I know she called me not long after they first had sex. (I’m getting ahead of myself here. Somehow, someway, the Captain and Tennille wound up moving in together in Columbus late spring early summer. I’m sure they remember better than I do when any of this happened.)

Well, there came a night at Taco Bell when I got called in on my night off to work. Jackie was working that night, and she and I got into it. She pulled the waterworks, I got sent home. I assumed I was fired, so I went to Cassano’s the next day and put in an application. (Allegedly, I wasn’t fired from Taco Bell. But it sure sounded that way to me.)

Cassano’s hired me on the spot. It was less money, and the hours were a little odd, but Otha liked me. And I liked Cassano’s, other than the god-awful phone system and ticketing system they had then.

We’re getting ready for the painful parts now. Gloria and I sort of reconciled our friendship, but once Kiki Dee came back to Ohio, that more or less ended. I was told Kiki Dee wanted nothing to do with me, and so I was to avoid contact with Gloria since Kiki Dee was living with her. Then I started hearing that Kiki Dee and Gloria were now more than roommates, they had matching rings to symbolize their covenant, etc. (For the record, I wasn’t buying. Among other things, I knew Gloria. I knew the system she was trying to use to change the past. And when she sat down and told me this convoluted story about how the relationship had been going on even back when I lived with her, something stank.) I stayed out of it, other than a few nasty comments made to Cowboy. To be honest, even if I had told people that it was bullshit, I wouldn’t have been believed. Which is my own damn fault for working to cultivate a dishonest reputation.

I was back in debt with Josh due to the lower pay and hour oddness.

I seem to recall going about 3 days without being able to sleep. I was a wreck. Both Barbara and Tennille tried comforting me, but there was really nothing anyone could do for me. I really wanted to die, to make it ALL go away.

In February, DP&L sent me a nasty gram saying they were going to do a Winter shut off. I called them, trying to work something out, and was given treatment colder than the weather outside. Something in me snapped, and the next thing I really recall clearly is trying to saw into a wrist vein with one of the serrated butter knives in the drawer. Which is when I called and woke up Barbara. In spite of all the animosity between us now, I still owe Barbara for that. She’s the one who got me to the hospital. And back, for that matter.

For those who’ve never been through it, when you get to the hospital, you get a tox screen, a room with nothing you can hurt yourself with, and a visit from a social worker of some kind. The SW then makes you sign a contract saying you won’t hurt yourself for 3 days. Which, unless you want to get locked up in the hospital, you sign. They then set up an intake interview to get you a psychologist and a psychiatrist.

After I finally got out, feeling stupid as hell about the entire thing, I went to lunch with mom. And ended up telling her about it, which was a mistake. As was telling anyone about the affair, but I think Barbara passed it on to a few people, and I had to talk about it. I never did tell anyone what really set it off. Maybe if I had, things would have worked out. As it was, I was given Paxil and a shrink in training. For that matter, if I had told my shrink everything that was going on, he might have been able to get me the help I needed. But that would have meant letting people know I wasn’t perfect.

Anyway, Paxil sucked. It was like having no emotions at all, other than the occasional anger flare. It also gave me the shits. And while I could get and maintain an erection, it took almost an hour before I could ejaculate. The guy I was whoring with at the time loved that.

Let’s avoid Steve. I didn’t like him that much, and he had a bad tendency to discuss his other lovers in bed. He also tried slipping a UFIA on more than one occasion.

I think it was early March when I woke up to two uniformed officers standing over my bed. I was given a few minutes to get dressed and grab stuff, then I got taken to the Fairborn PD again. Seems I wasn’t paying those tickets I got back at Pizza Hut fast enough, and they issued a bench warrant. I knew then, with a certainty that would be fulfilled later that my time living in Maple View was coming to an end. Or more specifically, the camel’s back was straining. In all honesty, I half expected Josh to get rid of my stuff and kick me out while I was in jail.

My Jail tale is posted elsewhere, and at some point I might add it to LJ for the archives. Really though, for the purpose of this narrative, let’s just say I got a week vacation courtesy of Greene County.

And Napoleon called Cassano’s and told them I was visiting a sick aunt. I swear, I need to check the IQ of my alibis on occasion.

Anyway, I thankfully still had a job. In a way, I feel very bad, because Otha forgave me for everything I ever did wrong. Which is a hell of a lot more than I ever deserved.

Now, for a few words on Napoleon. I really don’t want to go into graphic details here, since among other things, Barbara would probably get even more perturbed with me if I said everything. Basically, at some point, Napoleon mentioned that he was bi. And occasionally hinted that he’d be interested in doing things. Let’s see, I was on Paxil, which I’ve mentioned didn’t exactly have a good effect on me. And I recall he could pick up on what I was thinking half the time. Problem being, he was psychotic. I eventually took him up on his offer. 3 minutes in, me choking from the smell of his unwashed body odor, he has a psychic flash a friend of his is in trouble. Yeah. Seriously. Then again, this is the same boy who tried to convince me he was a version of Gambit and Buffy in one big package. I actually went “hunting” with him one night, which lead to a super secret e-mail to Cowboy , wondering if Barbara knew exactly what the hell she had married.

There were two other affairs that bear mentioning. One was a nice gentleman of my acquaintance who had a girlfriend. He just wanted to see what a man was like. The irony of it is he married my second beard from my Cassano’s days. The other was one of my very dear college friends. He still holds a place in my heart. For those of you playing along at home, I had 3 or 4 adulterous relationships going on. Wee!

Speaking of beards, I hope Tennille will forgive me for telling this particular story. She was my first beard, since I wasn’t out at Cassano’s. When she met the Captain, though, I had to find a convincing reason for us to break up. So I told everyone she gave me syphilis. I think she was half amused, half horrified.

Josh left me a note to read when I finally got home, pretty much telling me everything I expected, minus a “leave now”. He’d also transferred the electric into his name, meaning no more shut offs.

And so began the final limp towards August.

Barbara and Napoleon separated, not long after moving into a two bedroom. I made some very good friends at Cassano’s, and we hung out a lot. Eddie and Cassano’s Josh got along extremely well, due to a shared love of horror.

Some of my best memories of my final days in Dayton involve my circle of friends and Josh’s circle of friends all hanging out at my place. For once, I felt loved.

Now, somewhere around late June, the Captain and Tennille decided to take over the lease on the apartment they were living in. From what I recall, there were a lot of issues with the roommates they had. Tennille would call me a lot and complain about one in particular.

And towards the end of July, what I had been waiting for happened. Josh sat down and told me he had renewed the lease. With a new roommate. I can’t say I was surprised; as I said earlier, I knew it was coming. Yeah, I was a bit pissed, but I can’t blame Josh here. I was the one who set up my own failure. Do I think if Josh knew half of what was going on, it would have changed anything? No. What I tended to forget was Josh had a lot of his own debt to worry about, and covering a lot of my shit wasn’t helping matters. I think Josh might have understood where I was had I told him everything, but I don’t think the situation would have changed.

So, that left me with a little over a month to find a place to live.

Let’s see. I was going to try to live with Eddie again, but that didn’t work out. Cowboy, Indian, and Construction Worker had a spare room, but they were using it as a fake bedroom/study. (I will, for once, admit I was hoping they’d offer it to me. I understand why they didn’t. but I couldn’t help but feel a little hurt when they let someone else move into the room not long after I had left Dayton. And yes, I never told them that. In hindsight, I was being selfish.) One of my old roommates had a spare room, but he and his wife had only been married a year, and I didn’t want to impose on their privacy.

So, I swallowed the bullet and accepted the Captain and Tennille’s invitation to move in with them in Columbus.

Which sucked. Those last days are a blur…Hanging out with Cassano’s Josh, packing up my shit and leaving. I remember Cowboy asking me to find some way to stay, and expressing concern that I was being forced into this. And I remember telling him that the decision had been made, and I had no other options.

And so, at the end of August, I loaded my belongings into a U-Haul and left.

And that’s how my time in Dayton ended.

So yeah. That was my life prior to LiveJournal. Maybe someday I'll write up living with Gloria, but I doubt that one would be worth reading.
18th-Aug-2007 06:02 pm (UTC)
And I thought my life between '99 and 2001 was a mess...

You've given me inspiration to throw that out there on my own LJ. If I haven't already done it, which I may have. I need to go back and look.

Fortunately, I won't have to mask participants with the names of ridiculous 70's icons. None of them are on LJ now, except the ones that saved me from being found in a gutter (namely Cowboy and Construction Worker and a woman we'll call Lunatic.)

I'm glad you pulled through it, tho. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger, right?
18th-Aug-2007 08:32 pm (UTC) - Found it!
19th-Aug-2007 07:08 am (UTC) - Re: Found it!
LOL I'll take a peek tomorrow when I get home. going to bed here in a sec.
19th-Aug-2007 06:08 am (UTC)
Hmm, scared to ask who Lunatic might be.

And yes, it's quite theraputic. Technically, I could have just used real names, but it was more fun to do it this way.
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