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Changing the world
one mind at a time
Long night 
5th-Oct-2001 04:45 am
Work sux, I hate my life, but I'm on a winning streak at online canasta!

Past that, I'm rather happy because several of the lurkers on my Yahoogroup have started posting, including two who claim to be readers and nothing more. I love the dearly. As I said to them, It's kind of like everyone has felt like joining the group finally. I'm happy they all feel comfortable enough to share now. In a way, I feel like a grandfather to them all, or maybe a favorite uncle.

It's funny how much my perception of unclehood has changed over the years. I used to hate Uncles because my uncles on both sides of the family are people I find myself really wanting to disown. Now that I'm an uncle myself, I'm trying to do my best by my niece and nephew, to be a better Uncle than I have ever had. Maybe I'll even succeed at that. I just pray I don't outlive their parents because I don't want them to have to settle my affairs for me.

Enough, I need to go to bed.
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