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Changing the world
one mind at a time
15th-Sep-2007 02:29 pm
Been trying to figure out why the girl in the last post set me off so bad.

I mean yeah, I attention whored myself 10-15 years ago...I seem to recall taking Anton LeVay's The Satanic Bible and whatever passes for The Necronomicon with me to school (Borrowed from my brother's bookshelf, but still...), as well as Fangoria and Gorezone magazines. (The latter got confiscated because there was an exposed nipple. Which I missed.)

I recall being hypersensitive anytime I got around the Xtians in college. Like somehow their beliefs invalidated my own. Any mention of G-d in my prescence was obscene in some unknown way. I think a lot of that was due to being new to a faith, which generally makes people rather sensitive to begin with. (An example. My aunt Riette converted to Catholocism when she married uncle Tony. Tony loved Catholic jokes, whereas Riette would fume at anyone finding humor in her faith.)

I suppose it's because I have grown up and have grown into my faith that this girl's statement annoys me to no end. I'm all for self-expression in High School, but I also understand the need for limits in the name of not distracting from learning. I'd probably be even more irritated had this been a uniform school and she was pulling this crap. You want to be a goth? Cool. I assume you can find outfits to wear that don't violate the dress code. Then you can also figure out makeup is usually for social outings at night, not for school functions.

And please, don't bring a religion you found by looking at the cover of $ilver Ravenwolf's Teen Wicca into this. It embarasses all of us and makes you look like a horse's arse.
15th-Sep-2007 11:16 pm (UTC)
Please don't be offended by a neophite-I've been reading alot about Diana-much curiosity has been sparked-
Mind explaining some things? Basics of Wicca would be great-like I said-neophite.
16th-Sep-2007 06:27 am (UTC)
It takes a hell of a lot to offend me. Really, I'm technically not Wiccan myself, particularly since I rather loathe formal circle.

Your best bet here is to see if your local library holds any Scott Cunningham books. He's not exactly...um....deep is the best term I can come up with... but he does provide a fairly user friendly introduction to the basics.
(Deleted comment)
16th-Sep-2007 06:28 am (UTC)
Youth is wasted on the young.;)
17th-Sep-2007 06:08 am (UTC)
I know in my case what pisses me off when a girl makes a careless, untrue and thoughtless statement like that just to get her way about her clothes by playing the religion card, it makes it difficult for someone like me who has to fight with the 'institution' fairly often over my religion, and specifically the tokens I wear in my ears, which I am not to remove. Because of irresponsible statements like hers, I have had to go as far as providing extensive documentation regarding them and their historic and current use, information about my personal faith, and then at one point I was required to provide proof that I was a member in good standing of my own faith. That's insulting, and it's because of little girls like her making inaccurate and fallacious claims such as the indication that her clothes were part of the wiccan uniform. AS IF!
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