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Changing the world
one mind at a time
Long days, lonely nights 
6th-Oct-2001 04:44 am
Griff decided to tell me he's single tonight right after I confessed to being a whore. Fuck. To boot, Brad and I ended up talking all night, and he and I patched up a few differences. *sighs* I miss the older and simpler dayz....Plus Erin asked me to clean around here while she is gone, but I don't have time right now...
My story is coming along well, but it takes up sooo much of my free time, and I honestly don't know where and how to end it when I get that far. I've also been drinking too damn much for my own good, and it's 42o here in Columbus right now. Brrr. And yes, I'm whining, but damn it, that's why I have this damned thing. It doesn't help I've been listening to cheesy love ballads since I got home. I'm going to bed now.
Night all...
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