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Changing the world
one mind at a time
Thoughts on Return of the Jedi 
26th-May-2002 02:05 pm
Return of the Jedi finally came in to the library, so I sat down and watched it with Jason and gothic_oreo last night. I don't think Rich truly understands why I was crying when Luke removes Vader's mask right before the Death Star blows up.
I poseted on here recently about how anniversaries just pop up out of nowhere and half the time you don't notice their passing because you are so far removed from their passage. Well, sometimes you don't need one to bring back a few old memories. My father's been dead for around 20 years now (he died when I was 7 or 8, can't remember which, since it was a very long time ago), but there are still times when I wonder what like would be like had he survived. I can't help but ask myself whether or not he'd wind up like my paternal grandfather, bound to a wheelchair complete with something to poop in when you can't get up, whether or not he and mom would still be married, what he would think of my life now. Or even worse, the thought sometimes creeps in like what would my life had been like with two parents? I can't even imagine anymore. My memories of dad are limited. Most of what I have left are just small things. And most of what I remember comes from his funeral.
So when Luke finds out what his father looks like just before he dies, I can associate with that all too well. Most of my memories come from old pictures, and all I have to know my father come from other people's stories of him, and my own research into his WWII records. Luke knew his father for about 6 seconds before death. Some of us who got 7 or 8 years got even less in some ways.
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