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Changing the world
one mind at a time
Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse 
27th-May-2002 01:57 am
And I wonder why my night was f***ed up.

Let's see, tonight at work, my manager got all weepy at P!nk's "Save me from myself", or whatever that song is. We had more drunks and cokeheads call and order pizza than ever. I can deal with the stoners, pot people think the way I do most of the time anyway.

The real joy however is completely messed up my emotions are right now. Just last night, I was moody as hell. Now, I'm bouncing off the freakin' walls happy. Go figure.
Besides, with Mommy Selene in full gear, I've got bad adult contemporary songs stuck in my head. Thanks be to Beth for giving me the great idea to stick the gods in forms more accesible to the modern mind.

Anyway, ya'll take care. I get to deal with my insane half-brothers as well as my full blooded brother tomorrow.
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