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Changing the world
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Ok, all but 2 on the meme are solved, so I'll just give you the… 
16th-Feb-2008 12:44 pm
Ok, all but 2 on the meme are solved, so I'll just give you the answers to the missing ones.

1) Not just screwing, XXXX. All sorts of intimate acts, oral and whatnot, that can be particularly hard for a trusting wife to forgive and IMPOSSIBLE to forget.

The Firm (Like I said, Wilford Brimley pretty much destroying Tom Cruise made it worth the $1.50 to see it at the Urbana Twin Cinema in second run.)

2) Let me try putting this in a more earthly way: XXXX and you have actually stumbled into God's Nintendo game, where He and the devil fight it out, using their various Time Warriors as different characters... forever trying to tip that delicate balance one way or another.

Waxwork II: Lost in Time (Direct to video, but so much funny. Seriously. If you can find the double feature DVD, both Waxworkss are worth a rental.)

And on an unrelated note, John's birthday is the 24th of this month. Been debating on what to get him, when I found these... (No, not adult toys. Totally work safe link.)
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