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Changing the world
one mind at a time
Yeah, I'm an addict... 
2nd-Jun-2002 03:22 am
When stewicked went looking through previous posts, she mentioned that there are gaping holes the farther back you look. Yes, once upon a time, I didn't update this thing everyday. Now, I am an LJ zombie! *gasp*

Anyway, my flame dame and I went out this evening armed with 2 free movie passes. We ended up seeing Changing Lanes since it was one of the 3 movies we could use the passes to see. Well, about the time Ben Affleck is getting ready to delete Samuel L. Jackson's credit report, lightning hit the theatre and all the power went out. So, we took our impromptu intermission and enjoyed inhaling large amounts of burning tobacco smoke with other patrons waiting for power to be restored.

The movie itself wasn't that bad, but the downtime was kinda fun. By the way, caramel Italian Ices taste like shit.
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