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Changing the world
one mind at a time
6th-Jun-2002 01:14 am
Before I begin my nightly rant, I'd like to welcome goddamndunce to my friend list. Also, I am very happy to hear that vorpal is recovering well.

Now, on with the stuff.

Ok, my mom is flying to Hawaii later on this morning. I'd better get a pineapple:)

When mom gets back, I get to join her and the rest of my family in lower Illinois for yet another wedding involving her side of the family. This will be fun, because it involves an 8 hour drive with my brother, and probably my niece as well. Nopt that I mind my niece, but 8 hours in a car with a 5 year old...not to mention my brother's recent "quitting smoking" kick. He told everyone he quit, but he smokes when he's not in the car and not around family. So, I'm biting my tongue a lot when mom hold him up as an example for me to follow.

Now, as some of you know, I had tests run a week ago. This is another delayed post. Now, before I start in, I would like to preface this with my opinion that abortion is not something that will ever affect me, and therefore I keep my opinion to myself. (To put it politlely, my sis-in-law's tubes are tied, mom had a hysterectomy, and my female friends are either on the pill, chaste, or trying to have a baby right now. The only time I even came close to having to deal with it involved a dog. We chose against it, mainly due to cost and I waqsn't about to let Beth poison or starve Midnight into a miscarriage.)
With that out of the way, may I say that while I appreciate their right to do so, I do not appreciate having pictures of a dismembered baby thrust at me right after eating Chinese food, as happened on my way home. First of all, the subtitle of "10 weeks old" is innacurate. Development is not as far along as what the picture shows. Second, Why go for a visceral reaction? Whatever happened to polite debate? Also, you're more likely to piss people off with gore than convert them. Or, as Steven King once said, "The end of life is never pretty". And where are the adoptions? My Cousin (mother of the cousin getting married next week) was a reall ball buster of Right-to-Life. She didn't atart adopting until after having four of her own that eventually killed her due to he small frame that really wasn't designed to pop out 4 kids?

I'm sorry, I really shouldn't copmplain so much about things like this. I guess I'm talking about it because it disturbed me on some level.

And the fianl proof that I am the queen bitch in this house...

which Cruel Intentions character are you?
created by switchico

Kathryn Merteuil - You are a bitch. You are hot and sexy and you use that to your advantage. You act like you're mary sunshine but actually you hate being the marcia fucking brady of the upper eastside and sometimes you wanna kill yourself. You manipulate men as if they were your toys. Be ready to lose at your own game.

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