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Changing the world
one mind at a time
Astronomy Domine 
8th-Jun-2002 05:35 am
Just watched Apollo 13. Not to make anyone feel old, but Apollo missions were done by the time I was born I think. I do remember space walks with the cool rocekt chairs, and Challenger blowing up (along with all the stupid jokes that go hand in hand with any tragedy), but I don't think man has done anything lunar in my lifetime. So, anyway, I just keep wondering what happened.
I remember wanting to be an astronaut growing up, and thinking that by this time, we'd have a lunar colony up and running. Of course, I also figured that we'd also have made contact with extraterrestrials, but...You know, it just seems like we've lost our sesnse of adventure when it comes to space. I keep hoping that we can get a Martian manned mission before I die. Yeah, the space station is neat, but so was Skylab. (Jaded voice: "What? All it does is float there?") If it weren't for all the math, I'd love to be an astronomer. There's something so breath-taking about searching the stars with a telescope, like seeing the rings of Saturn and that really big red spot on Jupiter. Or the entire family driving out to the country to watch Halley's Comet fly by. Or hell, What about studying Luna herself? When I was a kid, I used to use binoculars to see if I could find man's footsteps on the moon. (I never did, but hey, it was worth a shot.)
I guess what I'm thinking is that even in the middle of a land war in Southeast Asia, we managed to get to the moon. With the current stupidity, we should be able to go to MArs.
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