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Changing the world
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Hey, book readers... 
2nd-May-2008 01:11 am
Since I know I have a few bibliophiles reading this...

One of my random library picks has turned out better than expected. Waking Brigid mixes so many genres that I was expecting the literary equivalent of John's last atempt at gumbo, but I instead find it a delicate quiche. (Yes, I should never write reviews while hungry.)

Anyway, I'm about halfway through. We're in Savannah, Georgia, during the Reconstruction. (Fun fact. Savannah was spared by Sherman on his way to the Atlantic.) We have Brigid, who grew up in Ireland. Brigid has The Sight, and had started training it with her Aunt went the potatoes stopped growing. So, the local priest, in an attempt to stomp out village paganism, sends her off to convent school.

Fast forward a bit. Brigid is now in Savannah, working as a nurse attached to the convent. (There are all kinds of references to treating the boys in grey who came in wounded.) A prominent cotton factor dies under mysterious circumstances. Namely, something rams his head into the wall in a locked room. Said thing also melts the edges of a silver crucifix.

This wakes up Brigid's memories of her aunt... And also gets the attention of a Floridian monk who's part of a secret order of Roman Catholic Mages.

So, as of now, we have Brigid and her Celtic roots, the Priest Ceremonial Magician, and a bunch of ex slaves practicing voudoun combating a very German bad guy who's a Satanist summoning demons.

The fact this all works out and remain engaging is a feat of skill. Seriously. See if your library has it and enjoy.
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