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Changing the world
one mind at a time
3rd-May-2008 01:45 am
Read more of the book I was posting about last night. It remains quite good, drawing comparisons between the evils of the Civil War and the evil of demons. Only problem is one of the Catholic Ceremonial Magick nuns just came out as a Dellamorte Sicilian striga. I suddenly feel as though I'm reading a game of Calvinball, given how many characters are not what they seem.

A few other things. His Satanists are bugging me because they cast circle starting in the East and moving Widdershins. I was always taught to start in the North and move Deosil. I realize they're evil and all, but now I hate them.

One of the recurring themes he has is reincarnation, whic the pagan characters accept, but the Catholic characters see as a violation of faith. Actually some of the visions the characters are having are similar to two...understandings...I've been dealing with. The first one goes back to the first few days after I quit smoking. I had this horrible vision, I guess, of time and eternity stretching out before me without a cigarette. I know most of you never smokers won't understand that, but the idea of eternity and infinity without something that up until a few hours ago gave you comfort and succor is disturbing and frightening. Add onto that vision of the future a more recent addition... a vision of both various past lives that brought me to the here and now, as well as the mirackle of marriage and birth that stretch backwards into infinity (ok, only a few million years) that lead to me being born as the apex of evolution. Seriously. When I get really into it, it's a bit like being trapped between two mirrors reflecting the essence of what I'd call my soul back and forth through a curving infinite universe.

Which is probably why I've been having really bad headaches recently.

Speaking of being trapped between mirrors, gislebertus posted a comment someone else posted in another journal of such stupidity that it amused me. He then further posted an article from National Review that I found myself amused even further by. (Yes, the grammer in this paragraph would make any of my english teachers pull out hair and gnash teeth.)

Yes, I still don't like Ayn Rand. She, to me, is the epitome of someone with sand in her vajayjay. I know folks who love her philosophy, but she just leaves me cold. I realize much of this hatred stems from being forced into reading Atlas Shrugged a quarter before graduating High School and spending a full weekend trudging through John Galt's fucking speech from hell towards the end when I would have much rather been doing other homework. As an adult, though, I can say one of my major objections to Objectivism is a rather irrational dislike of any philosophy that holds ANY emotion to be inconsequential at best and abhorrent at worst to be a bad philosophy. Then again, I also don't hold well with philosophy that declares any logic is bad. Of course, the fact I generally really like Existentialism kind of invalidates all of this but.. Well, I guess the point for me would be that philosophy should balance cold thought with warm emotion.

Anyway, I'm getting off topic and opening doors to a debate I really don't want to get involved in.

One of the plot points that I really remember form Atlas had to do with all the Ubermenche going on strike and stopping the world. Well, as I recall, the main character runs across one of these Ubermenches waiting tables and doing short order cooking at a diner in Colorado. And I know I myself have sometimes thought of myself as that guy, someone who has removed my specialness from the world to punish it. Which, when you get right down to it is very silly. But it made me feel good. which makes me wonder if many other internet Objectivists are like I was when I was going through that phase... rationalizing FAILURE by putting themselves on a platform of perfection.

Any rate, off to bed now. Have to go to the Post Office in the morning, and Saturday means fucked up bus schedules.
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3rd-May-2008 02:59 pm (UTC)
I remember seeing a poll in nonfluffypagans a while back about what corner and direction everyone started in and moved through. It was about 60-40 on the North/East divide, but 95-5 on the deosil/widdershins axis.

I think it's the widdershins that bugs me the most.
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