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Writer's Block: Over-the-Top Metaphors 
17th-Sep-2008 08:14 pm
Detective stories are stereotypically full of over-the-top metaphors: "The villain's hand stroked the cat the way his sins stroked his black soul. His voice, rough as the city's nighttime streets and twice as terrifying, barked orders to his lackeys. They scattered like parents who just realized they forgot to pick up a child from school." Write a short scene using some of your own extreme metaphors and similes.

Awright, I'm bored and I haven't tried hard-boiled in ages.

The sun was setting over the hills of Sabina, but The Sound of Music it wasn't. Hookers crawled out of cubbyholes on the streets like roaches crawling through a kitchen when the lights go out. Hustlers, with feline grace, casually twitched their whiskers while stalking mice-like Johns. Yeah, all dusk did was reveal Sabina's true nature. Much like the preacher's daughter, Sabina was nothing more than a pretty girl with crabs that you don't know about until your crotch starts itching.

And I'm supposed to be the Rid-X cleaning these lice infested streets. Not in this or any other lifetime. I'm more the raccoon living outside the house picking off the occasional trash that falls in my path.
18th-Sep-2008 01:40 am (UTC)

Now I gotta go wash my brain off!
18th-Sep-2008 02:00 am (UTC)
18th-Sep-2008 03:39 pm (UTC)
Hey I made you giggle! *brushing hands off in satisfaction* My job here is done. *grin*
18th-Sep-2008 02:13 am (UTC)
Wow....that's pretty seedy.
18th-Sep-2008 04:10 am (UTC)
My mind runs beyond simile and metaphore and usually winds up at cliche when I try this crap.
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