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Changing the world
one mind at a time
Damn it, I'm sober now 
22nd-Jun-2002 03:33 am
This has been a really weird day. I have now officially missed two IM's from guys who are interested in me, which is odd since I'm not anyone's idea of handsome.

The highlight of my day was accidently feeling up one of the drivers at work. I backed into him as he was walking forward, so I got to feel his package for about 5 seconds. That is a pathetic highlight to a day.

Anyway, I ended up charging my rose quartz as part of my midsummer celebration last evening. In keeping wit my ethics, I didn't name names, just specific things I'm looking for, as well as asking for them to be drawn nearer to me. This beats the hell out of the Celine Dion spells of my early days. Admittedly, "Send Me a Lover" got me more than a few dates, but I really hate the song with an undying passion. But it's still a hell of a lot better than "It's all coming back to me", which does wonders as an instant karma spell.

Le sigh. It it too much to ask for a nice gent these days who wants to date? I seem to either get instant marriage proposals or one-night stands anymore. What I really want is someone who wants to date exclusively, but not jump into some kind of mortgage. I've lived with a lover once before, and the entire experience burned me something fierce. Thus the need for time spent together as well as apart.

Enough bitching for one night. Blessed be thee who readeth this. May Zeus look kindly upon you, and Athena bless you with wisdom.
21st-Jun-2002 09:01 pm (UTC)
i think it is too much to ask for, if only there was a machine to merge the horny dog men with the commitment freaks, the world would be perfect(i obvioulsy have no insight on the subject, other than wanting my guy)

and Apollo and Artemis fill your days with diversity
21st-Jun-2002 09:48 pm (UTC) - Re:

A merger like that would invariably create horny commitment freaks. And I dated one of those once. Never again. Hmm, one date and he wants me to move in. Yeah, right.

And Aphrodite find you a lover:)
(Deleted comment)
22nd-Jun-2002 06:20 pm (UTC) - Re:
horny mormons? do those exist?

Theoretically, I'm pagan, which is kinda like Wicca without the new age. I much prefer making my own rituals and spells rather than conforming to the rather structured Wicca covens you find. That and I prefer Hellenic Greek forms to the damn Norse/Celtic forms that run rampant in Traditional Wicca. Greek gods have so much more fun that the rape pillage loot and mate of the northern pantheons.
22nd-Jun-2002 06:14 pm (UTC)
hey, dont rag on horny commitment freaks, theyre my only chance at a semi-normal relationship, and theyre much better than the horny mormon freaks

lol, when you first started talking about a rose quartz, i thought you were talking about a watch, do you practice wicca, or do you just like to cast spells?

and Aries fill your years with passion
22nd-Jun-2002 06:25 pm (UTC) - Re:
And Hermes fill your ears with tales....
22nd-Jun-2002 05:34 pm (UTC)
OK,so maybe I will let him come visit... but I'm gonna want him back after a few days, lol...
22nd-Jun-2002 06:23 pm (UTC) - Re:
Hmmm... no deposit, no return?

22nd-Jun-2002 07:59 pm (UTC)
I am being discussed as tho I am a pepsi can. I am being objectified.


Honey, after a few days with me, you would be begging her to come get me. I may be cute, but I am a pain in the ass.

Hugs, Bahboo

22nd-Jun-2002 09:10 pm (UTC) - Re:
There are so many fun comments I could make to that remark, but I'll be polite.

Hugs and kisses on all yer pink parts,
23rd-Jun-2002 05:43 am (UTC)
Didn't I talk to you about that polite crap before? lol...
23rd-Jun-2002 05:01 pm (UTC) - Re:
yeah, well, let me get to know ya'll better before I make sexual references in LJ. Altoug sex=ratings...
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