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Changing the world
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Politiical Memeage 
3rd-Oct-2008 12:20 am
I needed a gay icon
From dubhlainn

In honor of Sarah Palin's having been stumped by Katie Couric when she asked the Vice Presidential candidate to name any Supreme Court decision other than Roe v. Wade, we have a meme.

The Rules: post info about ONE Supreme Court decision, modern or historic, to your LJ. (Any decision, as long as it's not Roe v. Wade.) Pass on the educational fun!

Boy Scouts of America vs. Dale

Which basically said BSA was a private organization and immune from any discrimination laws. Which in turn lost BSA a bunch of funding. Given similar social organizations (Like Campfire and Big Brothers/Big Sisters) don't have the anti-gay stances BSA does, I can only assume the "No Homos" policy has to do with the Roman Catholic and Mormon control of National Council.

Which is amusing, since most of the folks I know who made Eagle are gay. The straight boys tend to drop out at First Class, since that's also about the time girls enter the picture.
3rd-Oct-2008 05:33 am (UTC)
Of the 5 eagle scouts I know personally, 3 of them are gay!

I never made Eagle myself.
3rd-Oct-2008 05:35 am (UTC)
Well, count me a 4 of 6 then. You need to meet more gay eagles so I can be 7 of 9.

There were about 6 Eagles to come out of my patrol. I think 2 of us ended up being gay, a third is married with children, the 4th is married but childless, and 5 and 6 are in jail.
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