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Changing the world
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A REAL reson to hate Palin 
24th-Oct-2008 12:20 pm
Femme Vader
In fact, it's one of the primary reasons I atrt to dislike just about any politician.

Her campaign rally today is about a block from my house (she's speaking at Bass Pro National HQ), making traffic a living nightmare, which in turn makes it rough for me to get the errands done I need to. Thankfully, I'm not due at work until 4, so hopefully things die down before 3 when I leave. Just as happy I don't work at either of the two stores likely to be inaccessible for the duration due to the lines of people trying to get into Bass Pro.

(And yes, I swore at Bill Clinton and W. about this issue numerous times in Ohio. I;ve come to the conclusion political rallies should be like Woodstock. Large and out in BFE.)
24th-Oct-2008 11:06 pm (UTC)
Damn those politicians, always wanting to hold their rallies where the people are . . .

Sorry you were inconvenienced, man, but pickin' a President's a pretty important thing. I think you can put up with one or two inconveniences like this every four years for the good of democracy.
25th-Oct-2008 06:17 am (UTC)
She made me 30 minutes late for work. That's a spankin'.

Actually, it shouldn't have been so bad. They changed the venue yesterday.
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