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Changing the world
one mind at a time
Happy Samhaine. 
30th-Oct-2008 01:16 am
Nothing lasts forever
the flowers wilt
their colors fade
petals fall
stems droop
waiting for rebirth

forever gone
the flower blooms
in the mind
of the viewer

immortality grant
a happy bloom
in the mind

nothing forgotten
recorded in Time's
great skein
in memory remain
for eternity

Love bless us all
that we might bloom


The fall fields are felled
the fiendish wind sweeps overhead
Persephone's painted leaves blow by
as she returns to hell
Demeter lets the Earth die
and humanity like the six seeds of damnation
are trapped in the bowels
waiting to be excreted

Mud and cow pie is all we are
each day that passes
brings us closer to being recycled
in hope that we can be saved
our saving grace is simple
love and compassion
when we
like Orpheus
risk hell
to find the one we love


And in the end when all is gone
what is left for the penitent
the loser with a halo
for in the end when all is gone
regret will litter the ground like ashes
but love they say
love conquers all
such sentiment is sweet
but little comfort to one who suffers
man suffers the burden of the yoke
of love
for when the harvest comes
it is bountiful
but to the spring
harvest is forever away
and the oxen called man
toil endlessly
over seeds that mayn't grow at all
so instead we plant seeds of hate
that fester faster
and choke the seedling
love before it can ever grow
and mankind must reap what it sows
until the end
when love will grow again.
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