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Changing the world
one mind at a time
Long ass day from hell 
14th-Oct-2001 04:58 am
Today just dragged on and on, and Yahoogroups is down right now, so I can't do some shit I wanted to do tonight. Personally, I'm really tired, but I went drinking minus the bf unit tonite. I hit Club 20, which caters to those of us non-twinks/drag queens/leathermen (i.e old, fat, and/or ugly). To be honest, I really enjoyed myself. I like finding bars I feel comfortable being in. And I'm happy that I'm dating someone now, even if he is trying too hard to be my sugr daddy. How do you tell someone that whiole you appreciate thier generosity, you don't want to feel like a whore? The funny part is I really didn't like him that much when we met sober the first time. Now, I kinda like him. He's sweet, and he thinks I'm cute. That's always a plus in my book. My friend Eddie is coming up next weekend, which should be fun. I miss him. When we talked last night, he was at a titty bar, the slut. I guess he and my catalyst are hitting Baby Doll's in Medway these days. (for the uninformed, by my catalyst, I mean the guy I sleep with when I see if I love my current bf or not. I serve the same function with my friend Doug. The guy he was seeing when he didn't sleep with me is now married to him.) I know how sick that sounds, but it's the truth. when Evil Kris and I were having probs, I slept with Steve. If I decided I loved Kris, I wouldn't have. Thus, why I have an Evil ex. *sighs*
I have another date Tuesday, in which I plan on spending the night, which will be interesting. I haven't been in bed with another man since Good Chris, Mr. no sex or getting off for a month. Thus why I can knit now. *lol*
*yawns* It's time for me to go to bed, but I have to clean the apartment first. I guess my roomie's mom is coming tomorrow, and those bastards are spending the night in Dayton. Grrr.
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