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Changing the world
one mind at a time
Ok, I swear I'll tie all this together by the end, but... I got… 
7th-Jul-2002 03:21 am
Ok, I swear I'll tie all this together by the end, but...

I got really motivated this morning and went to morning service at
Temple Israel here in Columbus. I've been wanting to do this for a
while, but for some reason it all came together this morning. My
friend grimkitten converted a while, and she's been bugging
me to go here recently. So, I managed to get up and get down to
What happened when I got there was almost gnosis of some kind. As I
think I have mentioned previously, I've been doing a lot of reading
on Judaism in general as well as Kabballah(? I don't have the book in
front of me, so I can't check spelling). This had led me to an
understandng of the underpinnings of the faith, but to see the faith
in practice was a totally new experience. First off, I was welcomed
by everyone with such warmth and sincerity. The Rabbi was very
friendly, and kept telling me to relax. (As I'm sure ya'll know, I'm
intrioverted, and I get nervous among people I don't know that well.)
I should mention that the Rabbi was wearing a Hawaiian shirt. I was
wearing a dress coat, shirt, and tie. Oh my, I felt out of place. I
loved the architecture though. The chairs were arranged facing a
center table sitting on a hexagonal platform. The room itself was
stone with Menorah wall sconces in each wall. And as an added bonus,
the AC was cranked.
So anyway, this matronly woman sits ext to me through the servive and
gives me a hand keeping track of where we are since I don't speak
Hebrew or Yiddish. Yes, they had phonetics written under the Hebrew,
but the pronounciation was not how I read it. What ended up happening
was that we took turns reading a verse from Jeremiah, the goth
prophet. Then we read the end of Numbers, concerning displacing
Caanaites. Reather interesting. Particularly since instead of a
sermon, it became a free for all discussion group. And after the
service, we went to the hall for wine and bread. This is when I met
Scott officially.
Scott is a really nice guy. I hope to talk with him at greater length in the future.
So I went to the library, half awake. Of particular interest for the
purpose of this post is the big book of Kirkegaard I found while
perusing the religion/philosophy section. While a good majority of it
does concern Xtianity, much of his work formed the basis that Sartre
used later when discussing Existentialism. Of particular interest is
the idea that truth is subjective, depending wholly on the view of
the individual perceiveing it.
So what does this all have to do with each other?
First, If I had not gotten up and gone to shabbat this morning, I
wouldn't have met Scott. If I hadn't have met Scott, I probably would
not have ended up at the library. If I had not gone to the library,
I wouldn't have gotten the book. So, I chose one path, and it led me
to a new perspective.
And as an aside, my friend Doug was right. It did feel like being among family.
And a healthier family than what I currently belong to at that.
7th-Jul-2002 01:50 am (UTC)
The chairs were arranged facing a
center table sitting on a hexagonal platform

Did you go to a Reform Temple? Usually this kind of set up is found in Orthodox Shuls. Liberal Synogogues usually are structured like church, whith the bima up front.

*doh* I should have warned you that Saturday morning services were more like study group. Fridays are much much different. Only the REALLY good Jews go on Saturday. hehe. I'm glad you liked it though and I'm glad that you met 'Scott'...gimme details. ;)

So, yeah, Im retarded and stuff... why is Jeramiah the 'goth' prophet?
7th-Jul-2002 10:28 am (UTC) - Re:
Temple Israel is Reformed, but the Saturday morning service is held in what they refer to as "prayer space".

And I'm not sure what to say about Scott. Only time will tell.

And Jeremiah spends his entire book of prophecy in gloom and doom. No hope for redemption. But then, in three weeks, we have the comemoration of the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem.
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