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Changing the world
one mind at a time
9th-Jul-2002 05:50 am
Okies. My day started with me waking up, like any other normal day. I get worried on days when I don't wake up.
Well, around 5:30 this afternoon, Chris and Angie (my ex and my flame dame) show up simultaneously. I go with Angie to buy her new computer. After we return, she, Chris, and I end up going to Damon's for dinner. Followed by a trip to see MIB II, which sucked. (I should have known, I generally end up NOT liking any movie I see with either of them. Example: My first date with Chris was Battlefield Earth. My first movie with Angie was The Rookie.) Well, Angie went home to bed after the movie, leaving Chris and I to entertain ourselves. So...
Chris and I end up watching Chuck & Buck. While I admit that it was a good movie, it reminded me of The Talented Mr. Ripley in that I wanted to shower after watching it. I felt dirty. Some of the scenes had me just wanting to change the channel because I felt uncomfortable. Like the entire movie centered around Buck's infatuation with Chuck, and some of the things Buck said started striking chords I din't need stroked. After that ended, we watched and episode of The Golden Girls. Followed by my new addiction, The Sunday Night Sex Show on Oxygen. This show features this septigenarian speaking quite frankly about sex with a call-in audience. When she was demonstrating oral sex on a dildo, I about lost my sanity laughing. Chris is still talking about the finger-sized vibrator for clitoral stimulation. Or the lady calmly explaing that chocolate in the vagina should be cleaned out or it will cause a yeast infection.
Anyway, Chris and I ended up going to Teejay's after the show and a game of online Euchre. While we were at Teejay's...
Ok. This is where things get complicated. Chris had asked me about a week ago to move in with him. As I'm sure long time readers know, we aren't doing anything, and he has a boyfriend to begin with. In fact the apartment he wanted was the other half of the duplex his boyfriend lives in. Well, it seems that his bf is now asking Chris to move in with him. Which is fine by me, since my finances wouldn't support the rent at the new place anyway, which I was going to talk to Chris about tonight anyway. So, I started talking to Chris about the ups and downs of living with a boyfriend, based on my own experiences with evil Kris. I guess what I wanted most to say was "I have no real regrets, although not all of my memories are great". From there, we discussed religion and philosophy, discussing why a nation governed by Orthodox Jews and Shiite Muslims is almost asking for divine retribution; why when a person discovers true freedom, it's followed by a death wish; why Heinlein was such a Nazi and yet a better writer than Ayn Rand; and why when our works of fiction are unearthed in 500 years, people will claim we're closet gnostics. (In regards to the last, both of us generally kill off characters at the end who have achieved some sort of wisdom.) I think the poor waitress had no idea what to think of us, since we kept getting refills while discussing this stuff. I haven't had that much free-form discussion since the old milkshake runs with Doug.
So, all in all, it was a fine night, and I think I can finally say I am happy for Chris.
9th-Jul-2002 09:26 am (UTC) - shallow comment
LOL...Sunday Night Sex Show rules! It's fucking hilarious.
9th-Jul-2002 12:37 pm (UTC) - Re: shallow comment
I had never seen it before July 4th. Now I'm hooked:)
9th-Jul-2002 03:32 pm (UTC)
LMFAO! When we(gossamer)were doing our West Coast tour back in December. We had a debate about which Golden Girl we would sleep with, everybody picked Betty White, lol! What can I say, it was an eighteen hour drive between Seattle and San Francisco.
9th-Jul-2002 07:29 pm (UTC) - Re:
Hmmm, Rose vs Blanche...At least no one chose Estelle Getty....
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