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Changing the world
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I hope this will serve as a proper thank you 
7th-Mar-2009 05:15 pm
I received a package today from ishte containing a ball of yarn, a beanie type hat and a scarf. Which I assume was part of the whole "I'll make something for the first 5 respondents" meme going around a while back that I need to get to work on.

So, thank you ishte. I've been wanting a scarf for a couple of years now, and given the temp is supposed to drop back into the low 40's Monday, I'll be quite warm while wearing it with pride next week:)
8th-Mar-2009 01:56 am (UTC)
Dude, I totally meant to tell you to keep watch for that package, and then totally forgot about it. But yes, it was your thing for that meme. Glad you like it. I thought the colors would work for you, and go with things that I've seen you wear too. The bit of yarn was just what was left after I finished it, so if anything needed a repair, you'd have the right yarn.
8th-Mar-2009 01:59 am (UTC)

Yes, it arrived and in good condition. I figured that's what the yarn was for, but I was amused to find it in there since it was the first thing I found.

And yeah, they go well with my cold weather wardrobe. so there's a bright spot to the Winter Redux coming up next week:)
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