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Writer's Block: Grimm Question 
4th-Jun-2009 09:33 pm
What was your favorite fairy tale as a child?

There were 2 I remember from being a child.

Both were from a book of German Fairy Tales mom inherited from her father.

One was about 12 dancing princesses and the guy who figures out how their shoes get worn out night after night.

The other was about the stepdaughter getting sent out to find out of season fruit. The evil stepmother freezes to death at the end.

Runner up would be an old vinyl record mom had from Jazzbo Collins that told the hipster version of Three Little Pigs. What I mostly remember was the wolf at the brick house trying to go down the chimney. The Third Little Pig yells up "E Flat man! That's your chorus! Fall in!"
5th-Jun-2009 02:17 pm (UTC)
12 Dancing Princesses was a definite good one :) I'm a big fan of the Handless Maiden and The Coat of All Colors too. Though, they're both decidedly harsh on the 'father' figures ( I mean, one of them mistakenly promises his daughter to the devil and the other, well, lets a deathbed promise to his wife get twisted up and somehow convince him that he has to marry his daughter since she's the only female as beautiful as his wife was.) The stories both have happy endings though, so is all good.
7th-Jun-2009 06:02 am (UTC)
don't remember either of them...will have to look around:)
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