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Changing the world
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Today was a mess from hell 
21st-Oct-2001 12:27 am
Ok, I only got about 3 hours of sleep last night, as I didn't get to bed until 5AM and got up at 8AM. Mom had called me last night, asking if I wanted to to go to the OSU game with my bro today. I agreed. Richard showed up on my doorstep at 8:30 this morning, and then he and I went to Skull Session and Heiniegate. (For those not in the know, Skull session is when the OSU marching bad performs and rehearses before the game, and Heiniegate is the block party that infests Lane Ave. during home games.) Then, as we left Skull session, I nearly got run over by those ever-perky cheerleaders as they led the band across the street to the Horseshoe. Then these confrontational evangelists handed us all this liturature about rooting for the Buckeyes, and how to get to heaven. I have yet to figure that one out. Richard and I left the game at the half, mainly because he had to play the Cedar Bog Hog roast, and I wanted to take a nap before work.
Not in the cards. Columbus PD towed Richard's car, so we ended up calling everyone we knew, including his wife, mom, our friend Linda, etc. Somewhere in there, he and Lisa (the bitch-in-law) got in an argument. Finally, Linda loaned him $100 to get the car out, and he borrowed $20 off of me to catch a cab. In the meantime, I had a hellacious time trying to get ready for work, and once I got to work, I was struggling to stay alert. I nearly fell asleep in the dustinator.
Now that I'm home, I'm turning off the phone, and going to bed.
21st-Oct-2001 12:26 pm (UTC) - Darn I can't sleep either
I have the same problem ... i can't seem to sleep and when I go into work I look like a stage prop from dawn of the dead lol lol ... lets hope we can both finally chill and get some rest ...
21st-Oct-2001 09:19 pm (UTC) - Re: Darn I can't sleep either
*lol* I concur. I finally got sleep last night, so now I'm no longer zombie boy! (too bad, zombies are great for Halloween.:)
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