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Changing the world
one mind at a time
Wow, a real update. 
2nd-Aug-2002 01:52 am
As usual, I have to work tomorrow evening, so once again, I go to morning service on Saturday.

LARP tonight was totally odd. We had the second Praxis seziure in as many weeks.By the Brujah Sheriff no less, who promptly turned the domain back over the to torpored former prince. This was follwed by a half hour discussion on status traits. People wonder why I bring books to read, since I could care less about status, and my character is the same way. C'mon, I'm playing a Gangrel...I'm not a status whore. So, Steven just sat and read Ayn Rand until we destroyed the new former prince who also happened to be the only other Gangrel in the city. Thank G-d, I'm a clan of one. Woo-hoo!!

Before the night's drama, stewicked and myself hit Max & Erma's. Mmmm, Cajun hamburger. I sucessfully kept from drinking, since I doubt playing while drunk on Tequila would be a good thing. I did however indulge in a chocolate malt from Graeter's. I will regret that tomorrow. But the fun part was a barbershop quartet serenaded us while we waited for our malts. We felt like Prof Hill and Marion the Librarian.

On the bright side, I get paid tomorrow. I still need sleep though. I am pooped.
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