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Changing the world
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Writer's Block: Rotten tomatoes 
19th-Jan-2010 11:43 pm
alan rickman
What is the worst movie you've ever seen? Did you sit through it or walk out? What made it so dreadful?

That honor goes to Dude, Where's My Car? Which is the only movie I've ever walked out of. Close second would be Wing Commander, which I went to see only for the Episode 1 trailer. Think I fell alseep about 15 minutes in and woke up when the credits started rolling.
22nd-Jan-2010 02:48 am (UTC)
My vote for worst movie would be A Man Called Horse. Didn't walk...drove out! It was back in the days of Drive In Theatres for this area. My then boyfriend sighed, looked over at me and said "What do you think?" I merely pointed at the steering wheel and said "Drive."
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