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A bit late with this, but... 
28th-Jan-2010 12:20 am
bathynomus giganteus
Been meaning to post about Monday for a while now, but have been tired and sore. Damn knee has been acting up since the climb to Outer Mongolia.

First, we arrived WAY too early. While stuff was scheduled to start at 8:15, we got there around 7, and had to stand out in the cold making conversation with the die hard fans for 15 minutes until they opened the doors.

We get in and find our seats. Now, there is no such thing as a bad seat at Nationwide Arena, but sitting in the upper upper bowl was vertigo inducing. Kind of disappointed, nary a mullet in site around us. There were, however, some very drunk ladies behind us who got funnier the longer the night went on. (Seriously, during the last "Diva" match, they made comments about the "Whore Vortex". Of course, Rob, my expert on what's been going on with WWE since I quit watching about 5 years ago kept making comments about them having to wipe the skank juice off the mat after said matches as well...)

Having never been to one of these before, I didn't realiz that the first 45 minutes involved taping "WWE Superstars" before the show went live. Which was amusing. We aw a Diva tag team, a triple threat involving some guy named Chris Masters who loved to make his pecs dance...and then Chris Jericho get his ass shooped by some guy I didn't know. Which for me was payback for all the time Jericho kicked my butt in one of the wrestling games.

Then the show started. And let me just say, even with the producers warning, those pyrotechnics scared the crap out of me at first. Then Shawn Michaels and Triple H came out, and we got the DX fireworks. Which was cool, since Shawn is sexy. Even now. Also got to see his famous flying kick live. Although it was driving me nuts...when you watch on TV, they have color commentary. Live, you don't get that.

There was some poophead in the row in front of us who kept yelling "TNA!" and even had a sign for the,. (For those of you like me who don't know, TNA is a competeing company currently run my Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan.)

Let's see...Vince McMahon was there, and he was hamming it up like he normally does. Which made me laugh.

Title match was Sheamus vs John Cena, in a match that really needed to involve whipped cream, pudding, or some other foodstuff. Seriously. HAWT. Of course, Cena lost by disqualification, but he still beat Sheamus at the end to please the crowd.

It was odd...was a bit like being 8 again, getting hooked on the show. Difference being now I know it's fake, so I don't get all upset at the theatrics of the heel vs the babyface. Still fun getting swept up in the silliness of soap opera for men. Of course, it also filled me with the urge to go play the old video game versions again...
28th-Jan-2010 11:35 pm (UTC)
Way too much "uncouthness" for me...I would have walked out just overhearing your friends comments alone.
29th-Jan-2010 04:58 am (UTC)
Well, it is pretty much soap opera for men. I know most of the women we saw there were either there for their BF or children than for the show
30th-Jan-2010 12:41 am (UTC)
'soap opera for men' huh...never thought of it that way before! Pondering this I must agree with you...it IS soap opera for men. violent perhaps...but still overly dramatic and silly.
30th-Jan-2010 04:56 am (UTC)
And scripted and filled with scenery chewing:)
31st-Jan-2010 07:00 pm (UTC)
29th-Jan-2010 04:09 am (UTC)
Jericho and Helms got arrested in Kentucky yesterday morning after the Cincy show for being drunk in public.

HBK is still sexy as ever, but these days it's still not enough to get me to watch RAW insted of House, or Big Bang Theory, or No Reservations.

And what happened in Urbana last night?! I'm dying to know. E-mail me.
29th-Jan-2010 04:57 am (UTC)
That doesn't surprise me much:)

I'd be tempted to DVR RAW next week, if only because Shatner is the guest host.

What happened? Waiting until tomorrow to get minutes on my phone, so I haven't checked my v-mail recently.
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