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Changing the world
one mind at a time
When the highlight of your night is being called "honky"... 
11th-Aug-2002 02:38 am
You need to get out more often.

Today has been an all-around waste of my life, with the exception of the impromptu meet-up in Gooddale Park. That was actually fun, even if I did say all of 5 words, 4 of which were expletives.

Woke up too late to get to Temple for morning service, so I'm just going to say G-d decided I needed the extra hour of sleep. So, I woke up, saw the time, realized I couldn't make it, and promptly went back to sleep. Woke up around 1-ish, and considered making a library run to return things, but nothing I have on reserve is in, so I didn't see the point. I just wasn't in the mood to wander around the stacks. So I check LJ, and see that columbus has decided to have a last minute get together. Well, I realize I can make it if I get ready. So I get my ass in gear and head down. This was fun, as I said at the outset. We played frisbee, which I haven't done in ages. *counts gray hair* I don't know what was wrong with me though. Maybe just introversion coming out again, since I have this horrendous inability to interact with people I don't know very well in real life. When I get to know you better, I'll talk yer ears off.
So, I had to leave early to go to work. Work was work, same stupid sports camps and late night business provided courtesy of the State Fair. Only bright spot was getting a Nestle Qwik ice cream bar for being a good automaton.
And on the way home, some random driver called me a honkey.
I need a life.
11th-Aug-2002 02:33 am (UTC)
Honey... that IS a life...
11th-Aug-2002 11:04 am (UTC) - Re:

OK, I need a more adverturous life then.
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