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Changing the world
one mind at a time
It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood 
13th-Aug-2002 01:39 am
Tonight has been interesting.

Let's see, Aunt Bonnie finally wrote me back about conversion (she's a Reform Rabbi).So she gave me abunch of new info for the process.

Work was boring, and half my family called during the course of it. Mom and I are taking Rachel to the State Fair in the afternoon, hooking up with Richard at Schmidtt's, then Rich and I are going to Sweaty Teddy after that. I guess I have been appointed to riding all the rides with Rachel, since Mom won't. All I can say is Rachel will probably not be getting on the Ferris Wheel, since none of us will ride the damn thing.

Found out most of the French I know is dirty. Karim at work asked how much French I knew, so I rattled off the phrases I knew of the top of my head. He then asked if I kissed my mother with that mouth.

It also seems that gothic_oreo and stewicked finally got around to telling Xenos boy to move his ass out of this house. Thank G-d, I was going to commit homicide.

We also had feline adventure on my rising this morning. It seems a cat of ill repute followed Lotus home. I woke up, went to do morning bathroom, and this black ball of fur was sitting in front of the toilet. I politely told Pookie to move his black ass so I could pee. (This is an inside joke from my days of living with Scary Mary. We lived in Dayton's version of the ghetto, and we had a black cat named Spook, Pookie for outdoor use, Claw when he took over a lap. This was also the same time period when the guard dogs we had were using her dildo as a fetch toy on the front lawn.) Well, Mr. Lazy feline refused to move. I went and asked what the heck a panther wannabe was doing in the house. Oreo explained, and moved the cat for me. Later, before work, It decided to watch me as I went to the bathroom. then it walked out with me.
I am not a cat person. They make me sneeze. And they're bitchier than I am. Thank you, wickedmizeri, for taking him off our hands.
We currently have Oreo's mom and brother sleeping in our living room. And Xenos boy evedently thinks he's got me nearing conversion to his narrow-minded, vapid version of Xtianity. What a dork.
Anyway, Places to go and people to do, so hugs and kisses on all yer pink parts...
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