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Changing the world
one mind at a time
It's 4:30, and there's an ugly bunny in my bathroom mirror... 
15th-Aug-2002 04:25 am
Ok, let me see if I can put words to the discordian nonesense that has been my waking hours during this wake cycle.

Went to work a bit early so I could get a Rallyburger before hand. Mmm, Rally's...right up there with White Castle!

Well, about 5:30, one of our drivers called the store from his cell phone, telling me to get S (the manager) on the line. I went and got S who was supervising a car being towed. Steve talks to the driver for a minute, tells me I'm in charge, and runs off to go help Mark, who's having issues at one of the OSU dorms.
I'm like, ok, so I get myself assigned to the register, and do what I can to get shit straight around the store. Well, M, my other insider, got flagged, so she couldn't take orders when the phone blew up, leaving me to answer phones, ring out walk-ins, and toss dough. I was pissed, particularly when a couple of large time orders dropped, and Steve hadn't bothered checking in yet.
Our DM comes in. He bitches at me about the make time, asks where S is, I tell him, and the DM leaves to go assist. Leaving me with a screen of pizzas to make. Bastard.
Finally, around 9ish, S gets back. It seems that our driver got assaulted and robbed, but this was not your average robbery. It seems some crazy guy running down from the 11th floor (who had just tried to rape two girls up there), ran into the driver, screaming all kinds of things about fucking him up the ass. Driver thought he was joking, said "no your not", and the guy ripped the driver's shirt off. I guess they got the guy cornered in a room, and held him there until the cops arrived. I guess S helped out with this. The guy in the room evidently kept trying to get the door open, and each time he did, he threw out a piece of his clothing. According to the manager and the driver, by the time the cops got the guy handcuffed, he was naked and muttering threats about blowing up the dorm and fucking the police.
So, S gives me $30, and tells me I can go home. My revenge was not telling him about the 70 pie dropping at midnight.

Anyway, I get home, and decide to make it a Blockbuster night. Tonight's rentals are Donnie Darko and Amazing Grace.
Donnie is fucking amazing. And he's the reason I have a large ugly rabbit named Frank in my bathroom mirror. And it has a great discussion about Smurf sex. I highly recommend this one, although for those that have already seen it, we're taking votes on what the ending meant.
Grace is an Israli import, in Hebrew with subtitles. I'm going to watch it tomorrow. According to the back of the box, it concerns a gay man from New York who is HIV+ who moves to Israel, only to fall for an 18 year old native man. It had pretty men on the cover, and I like subtitles.
Anyway, I'm off to go stab the bunny in the eye to watch reality shift now.
Cellar Door.
14th-Aug-2002 10:06 pm (UTC)
I knew you were going to post this
14th-Aug-2002 10:10 pm (UTC) - Re:
Hmmm, did you see the big sphere coming out of my chest and coming to the computer?
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