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Changing the world
one mind at a time
Borrowed from celluloidson 
3rd-Sep-2002 01:51 am
Ok, I needed a break after that last post, so I kind of borrowed this as an antidote.

what generation gap do you "belong" to?
Hmm, I was theoretically born at the end of the baby bust, so that would make me Gen X, but even then, most of them got on with life before I escaped from High School, so I guess that just makes me "Lost".

do you have "sensitive" skin?
Depends. Under the right stimuli, my skin takes on a life of its own.

how often do you curse?
Enough that I could probably go through a bar of soap a day.

what is your religion?
Going towards Judaism, but until I make it through the Bet Din I guess I'm still Pagan.

do you believe in fate?
Yeah, on occasion. Usually when large amounts of coincidence crop up, or something rather major happens.

what about karma?
Oh yeah. Side effect of Paganism.

what do you think people think of you?
Probably that I'm an ugly pervert, or that I'm a sexy pervert, or a funny pervert. Or just a pervert.

do u even care?
Not really, unless they're someone I care about.

do u give change to performers on the street?
Depends. If it's an actual performance, yes, but if it's just a hustler, no.

do u give change to the fake santa claus in front grocery markets?
Hell no. I'd much rather give Holiday offerings to places where I know it's going to be used in the way I want it to be used.

is alcohol bad?
Mad Dog 20/20, yes. Everything else, no.

what about smoking?
Don't mind if I do.

do u care about second hand (smoking)?
Only if I'm eating.

do you find people sucking on water bottles sexual?
Not usually, since my first impulse is to correct their technique.

if you can pick any profession not based on your knowledge or financial status what would you want to be?
teacher or novelist.

do you find vampires fascinating?
um, is this a trick question? Um...

do you play with stocks?
Only the wood ones when my current obsession has been bad.

do u own a cell phone?
What's the point? I rather like being hard to get ahold of.

do u follow trends or stray from the norm?
I haven't been normal in years...

are you materialistic?
Not really. ost of what I want is ephemeral.

are you superficial?
Only about myself.

if money were not an issue would you buy excessively expensive things?
Oh yeah. That cruise to Europe would be mine.

do you believe that you get what you pay for?

do you believe in marriages?
I've made my comments on this already. I know people who are happy being amarried, I am not among them.

how many children do you want?
I like being an uncle. The kids go home eventually.

do you think the full moon makes people go crazy?

do you like insects?
Unless they're parasitic, I could care less.

what is eternal?
my internal monologue

what is ephemeral?

if you were to never wake up after today would you say you lived a fulfilling life?
Yeah probably. I think I've gotten to a point where I can live with myself.
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