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Changing the world
one mind at a time
In honor of Rosh Hashana 
4th-Sep-2002 02:57 am
Since I've seen a few of these pop up here recently...

I'm sorry for all the things I have done that have hurt you. I am
sorry for all the things that have happened through my actions that
have brought you pain, that have brought you suffering. I am sorry
that our partings were not pleasant, and I'm sorry that things fell
apart the way they did.

I forgive you for the hurts you have caused me, I forgive you for the
pain and suffering you caused in my life. I forgive you for your
actions that have caused me strife, I forgive you for the things that
caused me to hate you when I left. I forgive you for the festering
wounds too long left untreated.

The slate is now clean, and whatever fate may bring, may it be
forever serve a purpose that brings no more harm between us.

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