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Changing the world
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Originally posted elsewhere 
5th-Sep-2002 05:22 pm
I orginally posted this to glbt_books, but I'm posting it here so ya'll can see that I've finally figured out the HTML to post an image. Mow if someone would be kind enough to point out how I make the text sit by the picture...

I believe I posted about his first book (Someone Killed His Boyfriend) at some point, but I just finished reading the second. Oh boy, no Sophomore Slump here. If anything, his writing has improved since then.
The three main characters are back for more. Our narrator, Robert, is out for dinner with his very rich friend Michael at an exclusive Manhatten restaurant. A gentleman interrupts their conversation on romance and sex, introducing himself as Count Siegfried von Schmidt. A little whirlwind romance, and Robert and his German count decide to get married and move to Germany. Well, needless to say, the Count goes down...with a knife in his back. Thus, it's up to Robert, Michael, and their lesbian friend, Monette, to figure out who backstabbed the bitch.
This book improves over the preceeding one in that the ending actually makes sense. When all the chiffon veils are removed, you realize that ll the clues really were there, and you just missed them. It also improves by having more of Julia, Michael's Newport royalty mother, who is even more sinister this time around. (This is saying a lot, since she accidently tried to kill Robert twice in the middle of the first one.)
My only complaint was the length. At 230 pages, the volume is slim, and it goes by too fast. But then, perhaps if it had dragged out longer, it wouldn't have been as much fun.
It's well worth reading, even if you will finish in the course of a day.
5th-Sep-2002 03:39 pm (UTC)
I luff mystery books! This one sounds like much fun. Where did you pick it up?
5th-Sep-2002 05:38 pm (UTC) - Re:
Actually, I got it from Northside library, since current $$$ doesn't allow for hardcover purchasing.:)
5th-Sep-2002 04:19 pm (UTC)
We need to talk about you writing reviews, honey... ;-)

To do the text wrap-around thing, use this format inside the "<>" brackets:

img src="http://www.insertaddyhere.com" align=left (or right)

you can also adjust the size of the image this way:

img src="http://www.addyagain.com" width=100 height=200
5th-Sep-2002 05:36 pm (UTC) - Re:
Like I keep saying, let me know.

And thanks for the info. That'll make life a bit easier this evening.
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