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Changing the world
one mind at a time
Well, I thought I was going to bed... 
7th-Sep-2002 04:03 am
I was going to bed after I took care of some stuff, and then I got sucked into Gods And Monsters on Bravo.

I haven't seem GAM in ages. I keep wanting to hug Mr. Whale.

GAM makes me want to watch Ed Wood again. Can you imagine the double feature the two movies would make? Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi! bits of bitchyness in each one! Not to mention Martin Landau and Ian McKellan!

Sorry, it's late. And I keep thinking of Bill Murray's line in EW...."Let's hear him call Boris Karloff a 'cocksucker'." That and McKellan's line to Princess Margrate in GAM..."He's never dealt with a princess, he's only met queens." Or something along those lines. You get the point.
7th-Sep-2002 02:22 am (UTC) - Ed Wood
I loved Ed Wood! But, then anything with Johnny Depp in it is good to me!

Gods and Monsters was great, but did you ever read "Father of Frankenstein"?

That's the book that the movie is based on.

Alpha Kitty
7th-Sep-2002 06:29 am (UTC) - Re: Ed Wood
Nah, haven't read it, mainly because I keep forgetting to look for it:)
7th-Sep-2002 09:24 am (UTC)
I love love LOVE Gods and Monsters.

But you knew that.
7th-Sep-2002 12:15 pm (UTC) - Re:
Oh yeah. But it never hyrts to watch it again:)
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