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Changing the world
one mind at a time
Wow, last night was messed up 
4th-Nov-2001 08:26 pm
ROdger and I went to see Monsters Inc. last night, which I found amusing. The best part though was the trailers. Since we hit the 11:25 showing, we were with a buunch of other college students, so we all were making fun of the ET re-release. I hated that movie, but Drew Barrymore was still cute as a button back then. Then, while we were still laughing at alien boy, the Lucasfilms logo pops up. The theatre plunges into silence. deep breathing sounds from the surround sound, followed by shots of all the major characters for the 2nd Star Wars. Can you say full on SW chubby? Only sounds in the traler are Vader breath and lightsabers.
Then, after the movie, Rodger came home with me and spent the night in my bed with me. This is a big step for us, because I'm no longer used to sharing it with anyone. We also made a 5AM run to Hound Dog's, the 24 hour pizza joint up the street from us. NUM-NUM! Oy, but still, I hate that I feel nothing beyond friendship with him.
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