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Changing the world
one mind at a time
Hey folks, looking for feedback again 
3rd-Mar-2013 01:23 pm
This will hopefully fulfill two goals in two different things with a few tweaks. Anyway, need feedback and suggestions, comments and concerns...

Narrator: It was a dark time on Olympus. Prometheus had brought the humans fire, and with it, Enlightenment. Humankind had moved out of their caves and into cities. Zeus was not pleased.

Zeus: I am not pleased.

Narrator: Mankind was advancing to the levels of the Gods. Zeus remained rather annoyed. And among some of the population, the men began loving other men, unaffected by the plagues unleashed by Pandora.

Zeus: It's not right that they enjoy the pleasures I enjoy with Ganymede. They must be punished.

Narrator: Zeus created Petora that day. (Petora enters and stands in front of Zeus.) Fairest of the men who loved men, and receptive to the extreme, Petora was the first power bottom in all of Greece. Zeus, knowing that Epimethius hadn't learned his lesson from Pandora, gave Petora to the titan. As a wedding gift, Zeus gave Petera a beautiful box made by Hephaestus. Zeus gave Petera one simple instruction. He must never open the box. (This is pantomimed. The box will likely be cardboard.)

Narrator: Petera tried keeping the box on his nightstand, but it gnawed at him as he tried to sleep. Petera put it on his mantel, but it obsessed him as he cleaned the house. Finally, Petera buried it in his garden, beneath a tree.
(For all narrated bits, Petera can pantomime stuff)

Petera: Thanks the Gods! I'm free from the temptation!

Narrator: Unfortunately for Petera, this wasn't true. In his sleep, he still dreamed of the box, buried in his garden. During the day, he could hear it singing its siren song. Even in moments of unbridled pleasure with his husband, he could think only of the box.

Petera: Damn Zeus for giving me this box and forbidding me from opening it! I can take it no longer!

(Petera leaps up and runs to the box. He opens it. Depending on participation, the narrator can play the 3 demons, or other people can be the 3 demons. Anyway, demons rise from the box.)

Demon #1: I am the demon of plague among men who love men! Thank you for freeing me, Petera!

Demon #2: I am the demon of hatred for men who love men! Thank you for freeing me Petera!

Demon #3: I am the demon of isolation among men who love men! Thank you for freeing me, Petera!

(Demons cackle and dance and exit. Petera cries.)

Narrator: Petera cried, knowing that he had doomed his tribe.


Narrator: (Turns to face Petera) Perhaps you should seek out your brother-in-law. He might have a few suggestions for you.

Petera: I know! I'll seek out Prometheus! He'll know what to do!
(Narrator rolls eyes and gives a long suffering sigh. Petera walks a circuit or two, coming to Prometheus. Prometheus is lying down, given that his liver is supposed to be recovering at this time.)

Prometheus: Little Brother! Why have you sought me out?

Petera: Oh, brother, Zeus gave me a box and told me not to open it! And I opened it! And three demons; plague, hatred, and isolation flew out and started biting the men who love men! And it's my fault and I have doomed my tribe!

Prometheus: Little brother, you are not the first of Zeus's creations to feel as though you have doomed your tribe by opening one of his gifts. (Prometheus sighs). Come close, and on my pants, you will find three of my seed. Take them, and swallow them.

(Petera comes forward and takes three seeds from Prometheus's area. I anticipate these with be sunflower of pumpkin, something people won't be allergic to. As Petera swallows, Prometheus continues. Petera falls to his knees, looking to be in pain.)

The first seed is one of Pride, the second is of Love, and the third is of Brotherhood. All three are inside of you, Little Brother. Let them grow, watered by the pain you carry, for they will protect you from the horrors of the demons from outside of you. Let all of your tribe know that these: Pride, Love, and Brotherhood are true and within, and they must use the to combat the Plague, Hatered and Isolation forced onto them from without.

Let all of the tribe who has born witness eat of my seed and take inside Pride, Love, and Brotherhood!

(Petera passes around sunflower seeds to everyone.)
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