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Changing the world
one mind at a time
This post is safe to ignore... 
10th-Sep-2002 06:03 am
I'm rather sure a few people will read this anyway. More power to you.

There have been a few places in my life where I feel like I've walked in halfway through the movie, and now I'm playing catch up, trying to figure out the 411 on the situation.

One was Lambda at WSU, since most of the people who were around when I joined had a tangled history of their own. I never did figure out why three people I looked up to hated each other so much.

More recently, arguements between members of the old coven. Trying very hard to figure out what subtext I'm missing here and there. Why certain people fight tooth and nail. Why no one looks beyond their own nose at what lies before them. Why approaching related topics sets off a flame war. Damn Ivory Towers.

Oh, and of no use whatsoever, Eddings has used "sardonically" 7 times and "blandly" 1 time so far. I have about 20 pages to go.
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