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Changing the world
one mind at a time
Sometimes, dreams never die. 
5th-Nov-2014 07:42 pm
I've talked about it on here before, years and years ago (and I ain't digging through tags to find it) but tonight, we return to the topic of a project I participated in back in the Summer of 1992.

To preface this, a musical I had never heard of was major topic of conversation at camp, one City of Angels.

Anyway, the camp I was at was a Governor's Institute on Creativity in Northeastern Ohio at Ashland University. Three sections, that I believe were divided into smaller sections (musical theatre, writing, and visual art). I of course was in the Musical theatre section. Our group wrote a musical that was sort of Walter Mitty, wherein Owen sat in a restaurant fantasizing about a woman in the restaurant. Due to some confusion, mainly due to conversation on the above musical, we ended up having Owen in contemporary time, with his fantasies being him a a 30's Private Dick. The girl became a moll, her boyfriend the boss....

Anyway, because of that, I can add a few things to my resume under the heading "Things I enjoyed doing, but haven't done since." Namely, I actually composed a song and the accompaniment, helped write the script, helped choreograph parts of it, and handled most of the props and set design. The latter two were things I really enjoyed above all else, and once the desire to be an actor fizzled, they became one of my dreams. Problem being, much like other dreams, they never really came to fruition, as my life took some very different turns along the way.

And now, I find Ohio State is putting on City of Angels this weekend, and the tickets are in my price range, even if mom is going to end up buying them as my birthday present.

That dream never died, it seems. Finding out that a musical I've wanted to see for a while is being presented someplace where I can see it reawakened that long ago goal that still remains pretty untenable. I mean, yeah, I could probably volunteer with some of the local groups, but I'm really lacking at the construction aspect. Also, I have no artistic talent when it comes to drawing.

On a totally unrelated note, I got to see the stage version of The Lion King last month. The show was fabulous, although it took a while to adjust to the amount of puppetry it involved to portray the animals of the savannah. Also, there's nothing like having a giant rhino walk down the aisle right next to you, or having a hyena hiss at mom as they processed down for "Be Prepared". One of the best jokes came at the start of the second act, when Zazu, who in the movie follows up "Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen" with "It's a Small World", instead followed it with the chorus of Frozen's "Let It Go". It brought down the house.
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